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Nov 1, 2004
Saw this on EuroSport. I think the man is an idiot.

Lecce coach Zdenek Zeman was in much finer form than his players on Sunday, lashing out against referee Massimo de Santis after the Southerners went down 1-0 at home to Juventus.

Zeman is the whistleblower whose comments on doping in Italian football led to the current investigation of drug use at Juventus and, as such, is not the Old Lady's favourite old man.

The game went ahead despite torrential rain at Lecce's Via del Mare stadium much to the disgust of Zeman, a man with more conspiracy theories than Oliver Stone.

"The game was like a lottery," he said. 'It was impossible to play football on this pitch."

Warming to and then completely changing his theme, the Czech coach alleged went on to claim that the water-borne lottery was in fact not a lottery:

"De Santis with Juve is like a lottery in which the same number comes out fifteen times in a row."

"I'm disappointed that De Santis brings such fortune on Juventus," ranted Zeman to La Domenica Sportiva.

"I'm saddened that they sent him to take charge of a game that the whole of Italy was looking forward to."

Not to be out-hyperboled, Juventus director general Luciano Moggi hit back, claiming: "I think that we have played in worse over recent years."

"After all, we played in a swimming pool at Perugia where we lost the championship on the last day of the season," he said, referring to the 1-0 defeat that saw Lazio snatch the Scudetto in 2000.

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Apr 22, 2003
Please, enough threads about Zeman already. This could easily go in the other Zeman thread. Also try to post in the Misc Soccer section next time, this doesn't belong in the Matches forum. Thanks
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