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Apr 22, 2003
Apart from Splinter Cell and Halo, there was nothing that really made people want to go out and buy an XBox. The same can't be said of PS2


Mar 6, 2003
Gamecube: My sisters bought a gamecube, and this concole in mainly for family and to play with a group of friends games like mario party or mario kart which are very funny.... but most of the games are orioented to kids... so if u are searching for action or good games.. ull have a tough time fingding it. The pros is that this console can use 4 controls and is very funny to play game slike fifa,mario kart and those things...

PS2: IMO this is the best console in the market.. not for his performance, because gamecube and mainly xbox are betters than the s2 , but PS2 have the fame that the other 2 dont have, so if a famous game will be launched, it will surely first be out on PS2.... so if u want to play any kind of games in the market, action, rpgs, and some online games... buy PS2.

Xbox: I dony know much about xbox... but in theory is the stronger console of all..... but its weak point is that they dont have good games... in fact, they dont have too many famous games. Even gamecube with their mario games is funnier than xbox.-


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by -CSD- ] ++
Xbox has Halo
but the pc also has halo;)

keep in mind that since microsoft made the xbox,many of the games it's gonna make for the xbox will be available for pc:)

which makes ps2 the better choice


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Dec 25, 2003
PS3 will appear in 2005,next summer i guess,but PS2 is way better then Xbox,it has winning eleven!!!!


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Jul 28, 2003

WE rules.. and who said something about kicking anyone's a** in this game..? :howler:

you haven't play with the master yet..? :excited: :eyepatch:


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Sep 16, 2003
Xbox has the power and performance, but PS2 has a much higher quality of games.

Also, keep in mind that PS2 will be coming out with its own 60GB hard drive next month. It will retail for 99.99, but it will aslo include Final Fantasy Online already pre-installed. I've played the PC demo version of it, and its incredible.

Plus, these days, its pretty hard to tell the difference between a PS2 game and an XBOX game in terms of graphics. Sony is developing new middleware all the time that they are sourcing out to their developers.

Gee, I sound like someone who used to work in a videogame store part-time. Oh wait, that's because I did.

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