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Aug 11, 2002
i just uploaded most of my compilations at www.juvemedia.com....... including: Nedved Comp., Trezeguet Comp, Delpiero 100 Goals, Juve 96-2004 Comp and few others........so go to juvemedia and download it, but do not post links here because HOTLINKING is not allowed.



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Oct 27, 2004
juvemedia.com is really a great site! I cant wait until I can download all of that stuff they have there! cant wait until they have changed to a better cluster..


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Dec 13, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Juventino783 ] ++
the videos of 'legends of juve' dont work to download, i alwys come to a porn site
Juve Legends Videos are working...

Just use right click and 'Save target as' ...

Or simple just follow the instrucitons at the top of the page...:thumb:


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Dec 13, 2004
By the way...thanks everyone for kind words...thanks for critics and so..And all videos are back again...and working perfectly...so enjoy...:cap:
Mar 3, 2005
Wow guyz I had to discover this forum long time ago!! Great job! in our italian forum we can't put juve multimedia for copyright ways, one time juventus dot com said if we didn't remove them they wanted close our site!! Thx!!

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