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Sep 21, 2002
What are your best and worst moments as Juventinis?
I started to support Juve in 1999, so here are my best and worst moments since then:

Worst moments:

5. Juventus Inter 1-3 season 2003-2004. losing to Inter, and in such a humiliating way is always terrible!

4. Juventus Roma 2-2, season 2000-2001. we were close to win that game, and maybe if had won this game, we would have won the scudetto. I know that 3 more points were needed to win this Scudetto, and we could have got them then. and again this year. the situation could have been better if we had won them in the 3rd round.

3. Juventus 2-3 Man Utd. I remember that game like it was yesterday. A real pain in the ass. We led 2-0 and I was so happy. We had a great game in old trafford and it ended with 1-1 in end. We were so close to the final. It was very very disappointing.

2. Perugia-Juventus 1-0, season 1999-20. The sucdetto was so much in our hands. We had a great season untill the last matches. I could see the Serie A games then. oh that rainy game.. I will never forget that day.

1. The mother of all bad moments, the CL loss to Milan. I think we deserved to win that cup. Milan won it through penalties, kinda crappy. I wanted this trophy so much. It was very painful, and it still is.

Best moments:

5. Juventus Deportivo 3-2. So much pressure was released in that Tudor's great volley. that is another game you will never forget!

4. Juventus Leverkusen 4-0. the best performane in the CL that season, and because I couldn't see Serie A games, that was the best game I saw that year. Juventus were brilliant.

3. Juventus Perugia 2-2. how many days do you have in life that your favorite team wins the championship. It was the 27, and a second in two years. always satisfying.

2. Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid. I think this was the best performance from Juve in all my years as a Juve fan. I know I didn't see most of the games, but it must be the best!

1. Udinese Juventus 0-2, season 2001-2002. The first ever title Juventus had won while I was a fan. So being the first Juventus title, that was the happiest moment. of course that what made it even more special is the impossible comeback. that day is a legend and no one will ever forget it.

tell me about yours...

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Jun 9, 2003
Worst: Perugia 1-0 Juventus

The last time I remember crying :sad:

Strangely, I didnt feel bad at all when we lost to Milan. I was too sad to feel sad :undecide:


Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid

Enough said.


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Jul 13, 2002
Here is what comes to mind right away:

Worst moments:
CL final this year against Milan. Losing on penelties.
Juventus - Man U 0-3
Juventus - Real Madrid 0-1 in '98 CL-final

Best moments:
Juventus - Real Madrid 3-1 '03 We really showed the world that Real Madrid can be beaten and that they aren't the best
Udinese - Juventus 0-2 2002; just because it was the last day of the season and we won Serie A.
Juventus - Inter 3-0 2002/2003


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by -Z- ] ++
Worst: Perugia 1-0 Juventus
So true. We went to the Milan match without Nedved, I knew it was going to be hard. Against Perugia we lost something that was ours.


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Dec 23, 2002
Worst moments:

- Juve loosing in the CL Final against Milan in the penalty shoot-out! That was a pain in my heart! I nearly cried!

- Juve loosing 3-0 against ManU! We seemed so hope-less!

- Juve loosing 3-1 against Inter! I hate this team, and it was a shameful performance!

- Juve loosing against Hamburg! We were out of the Cl and UEFA-Cup! Wow, that was hard!

- Roma winning the scudetto! Yuk, I hate when something like this happens! Capello and his stupid grandmothers, called Roma players hopefully never ever get the scudetto

Best moments

- Juve 3- 1 Real! This was the best Juve match I have ever seen! I was so glad to be a juventino! Really, I watch the tape nearlly every week!

- Juve 2- 2 Perugia! Getting the 27th was a great pleasure for us all!

- Juve 7- 0 Olympiakos! Althought it is not so long ago, I think this match will always be in my memories! A great game and a super-juve

- Juve winning the CL against Ajax! When Jugovic scored his penalty, I was too happy........

- Juve 3- 0 Inter! The best match by Nedved ever! And I am sure about this!


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Nov 10, 2003
Worst: Every time we lose to Man Utd since CL 1998:groan:

Best: 3-1 Against Real Madrid(Best Juve game ever!)

Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
i'll like to add one

Losing to Arsenal few seasons ago, 2-1 i think or something like that. Knocked us out of the competition. That pissed me off since i hate Arsenal and my bro is an Arsenal Fan, major annoyance


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Jul 25, 2001

1. Juventus Roma 2-2, season 2000-2001 <--- I was all depressed after this one. What a terrible match. I had followed it live, thought we were going to win it and go for the Scudetto then Roma came back and trashed that hope. Then this season I had a terrible dejà-vu when it happened again!

2. Juventus 2-3 Manchester United <--- I trashed my house after this one. Oh that was beyond disappointing!!!!

3. Lazio Roma 4-1 Juventus, season 2000-2001 <--- Do I need to describe it? I think any Juve fan will remember this one just looking at the score line. What a dreadful match!


1. Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid <--- Beating the (in the eyes of most Dutchmen) best team in the world and then rubbing it into the faces of all my friends who always accuse Italian teams of playing boring football. But what a display we put on there! We played a great passing game, humiliating the kings of Spain. Oh the sweet, sweet taste of victory!

2. Udinese 0-2 Juventus, season 2001-2002 <--- We won the league and we played a good, solid match. What a day it was! Finally we could leave the dreadful Ancelotti-era behind!!

3. Juventus 3-0 Udinese, season 2001-2002 <--- We had a rough ride that winter period but this was one of the few victories that kept hope alive, wasn't it?


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Nov 16, 2003
Worst moments:

Losing to Dortmund in the CL final 1997, losing the CL final in 1998 against Real Madrid, losing the CL final against milan last year

Best Moments:
winning the CL in 1996


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Mar 7, 2003
well if you guys means moments not matches in particular then the worst has got to be:
- losing Zidane to Real (i know its his well but still)
- DP injury in 99
- maybe the whole downfall season of 99/2000.


Dec 16, 2003
bad moments :in 99 Vs man utd we were leading with 2-0, then they came up with 3-2..2nd 3-1 Vs Dortmund in 97(del piero should had play from the start) 3rd also in the finals in 98 Vs madrid(we deserved to win) 4th against man utd last year when they won 3-0..and the 5th against Milan in penlaties, {damn i couldn't eat, sleep , do anythin } it was pain not only in the ass , everywhere.. and also each time dp gets injured it was really bad bad moments..

good moments : 1 - ofcoarse in 96 i cried from happiness.. 2-juve vs roma although it finished 2-2 , but they were leading and when dp took juve on his back and scored twice , man he screwd sensi and totti..3rd deportivo Vs juve (god bless Tudor) 4 th against barca since that moment i luved zalayeta , cuz here most of ma friends with barca;) so i thank zalayetooo..5th and the unforgettable match with mADRID , i hate them more then anythin else in this world( and i remmber i cried when i saw lippi runin after dp scored) anyhow these were the bad and good , take care all and god bless u all..
Aug 1, 2003
- selling pippo to milan :mad:
- perugia 1-0 juve, never ever ever ever will I forget this
- juve's loss to milan
- i think it was juve 0-2 depor.. can't remember (the one where dp missed a penalty and we were disqualified)
- juve 1-1 lecce (i think it was 1-1 .. the one where pippoinzaghi missed a penalty or something)

- juve 2-1 barca
- juve 3-1 madrid
- juve 0-2 udinese
- juve 2-2 perugia
- going to old trafford to see juve vs milan
- juve 2-1 milan, not because we defeated milan (but thats a bonus) but I really enjoyed watching thuram.


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Jul 14, 2002

- Embarrassing defeats came against Inter this season and Man Utd last season (0-3).
- That 3-2 loss to Man U in the '99 CL semis was a killer. 2-0 up after 11 minutes, a goal down at full time.
- '98 CL final. 1-0 loss to Real Madrid. We deserved that trophy imho.
- Perugia 1-0 Juventus.
- Last season's CL final loss to Milan.


- Juventus 3-1 Real Madrid. What a brilliant game. Great performance from our boys. Laughing at the Real supporters at school was a great joy.
- Udinese 0-2 Juventus. The day we celebrated our 26th Scudetto.
- CL victory against Ajax in 1996 albeit on penalties.
- Juventus 2-1 Barcelona. This match was nerve-wrenching! Our boys showed the true Spirito Juve in this game.


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Apr 22, 2003
I think they've all been said, so here's an off-topic question:

Where was Suker in the 98 final?

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