World Cup 2014 Europen Qualifiers Prediction (1 Viewer)

Oct 4, 2013
Friday, 11 October 2013
FIFA World Cup European Qualifying
Armenia v Bulgari
Lithuania v Latvia
Azerbaijan v Northern Ireland
Croatia v Belgium
Moldova v San Marino
Faroe Islands v Kazakhstan
Malta v Czech Republic
Bosnia-Hercegovina v Liechtenstein,
Ukraine v Poland
Denmark v Italy
Albania v Switzerland
Andorra v Romania, GpD
Estonia v Turkey
Luxembourg v Russia
Netherlands v Hungary
Germany v Rep of Ireland
Greece v Slovakia
Iceland v Cyprus
Slovenia v Norway
Sweden v Austria
Wales v Macedonia
England v Montenegro
Portugal v Israel
Spain v Belarus

Deadline 12 october 2013 each correct 1 points :)


Sep 23, 2003
If that was Rainforest Liu, he'd have posted that around now.

Looks like the connectivity to the outside world is getting better in China ... or Ghana. They might even be on the same calendar month as the rest of us now, so look out...

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