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Oct 31, 2012
Honestly Woj was never at fault. In fact, goalkeepers who did what he did is actually never at fault. It is just some bullsheet commentator who has never played football pinning blames on keepers like that.

Being a semipro goalkeeper and coached by trainers (pro and semipros), we all know it is impossible to direct a shot to the location that you ideally want. Most of the time if you tip it behind goal etc, it is really luck or you only manage to get your finger tips to it, hence lessening the trajectory of the ball. So just shut the f up arm chair porn watching commentator


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May 26, 2009
Made a big mistake for sure, but he has saved our asses on many occasions this season, so he gets a pass.

If it wasn’t for Matuidi’s cross, deep in Napoli’s half, that ended up in a dangerous counter for Napoli, we probably would have drawn this game.

Chin up Tek, you’ll go back to your usual levels from next game onwards.

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