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Jun 11, 2003
after winning the world cup and playing in starting line up in BRAZILIAN NT where the talents just keep coming in and few months later Rivaldo gets to sit on the bench i think Rivaldo went real low im not a fan of his i don't like him I think he knew that since Milan are a real strong team that they could get few trophies so he decided to sit out and wach them play and at the end he gets to celebrate for winning

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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by -Fantasista- ] ++
Since Figo has said that he would prefer the EPL to Serie A, maybe he'll go to Man Utd. He could walk straight into the starting lineup now that Becks has left, and this way if Ronaldinho does join Man U then he won't have to play out of position. This is how the Red Devil's starting team would look like:

Neville Ferdinand Silvestre O'Shea
Figo Keane Butt Giggs
Van Nistelrooy Ronaldinho

PS. If Figo and/or Ronaldinho do join the Old Trafford club then I think that Veron will join Barca (Riquelme to Juve) or come back to Italy.

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