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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
why did Lippi put that formation against Sampdoria?
Many players were out of postion. Fresi couldnt play in Thuram's place.I don't think Lippi was checking if Fresi can play in that position.
I don't know how Lippi's mind works but, i hope he doesn't do that in the Tim cup.
The tim cup is more important than the Moretti cup.Beating Milan and Inter in that tournament is very important for team moral.
I think Lippi should play Davids in both matches.


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del pozzo

Junior Member
Jul 22, 2003
i guess maybe lippi undrestimate sampdoria too much then we only managed to beat sampdoria by penalty shootout. but still Miccoli's lob should be a goal. the video has shown that the ball had cross the line then only the defender managed to kick the ball out.

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