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Whom do you disagree with less?

  • Nicole

  • Burke

  • Why is this important?

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Back & Quack
Mar 9, 2004
Edit: retract that

Nicole is probably the more football retarded, as she thinks everything about Roma is greater than the second coming of christ. Burke maybe wrong about certain facts, but he doesnt go round annoying people by opening threads which are blatantly concerning only man u or roma fans in which there are none apart from nicole.

Oh yes, nicole gary neville is just about the shittiest player i have ever seen. Had to add that. hehe.


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Feb 21, 2004
Roma is the greatest football team in the history of human kind. Totti, Montella and Cassano are the greatest tro of strikers in the Universe. Sensi is not a big fat rat, he is the best manager in the history of business.

Oh wait...

No, I am gonna stick with Burke's opinions...

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