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Jan 31, 2003
i think our defence could really get a hammering. seeing up to 5 players leaving isnt out of the question.

realistically, after this poor season and realising that many players are not up to the task, it seems like up to 10 players could leave.

i honestly think that montero, iuliano, pessotto, nedved, trezeguet and even di vaio could all leave.

but i wouldnt mind seeing a few others also.


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Jan 31, 2003
can we believe moggi though?

our team needs to be fixed cuz we are only getting worse if we keep this current team. we havent got a lot of funds. this can only mean that players will be leaving, hence, nedved etc...how else can we get funds to replace players who cant play at this level anymore.


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Feb 16, 2004
Juventus director general Luciano Moggi has shot down reports that Marcello Lippi, David Trezeguet and Pavel Nedved will leave next season.

“We are not looking for alibis,” said the transfer guru after their shock Champions’ League exit, “but we were unlucky to have seven players ruled out with injury.”

“We have the utmost faith in Lippi and he did what he could with a decimated squad. He will be with this club next season as well.”

The double defeat to Deportivo La Coruna sparked talk of a revolution at the Turin giants to change an ageing defence and ineffective midfield.

“The fans can relax,” continued Moggi in this evening’s press conference. “I will do my best to reinforce the side without going crazy.”

This was the first time in seven years that Juve failed to turn a profit, so with such an early exit from Europe sales must be made to prevent further losses.

Trezeguet is the main candidate to be sacrificed with Barcelona showing interest, but Moggi shut out all speculation. “Trezeguet is staying here.”

Nedved and Lilian Thuram are also heavily linked with big moves to Spain or England, although the director general also ruled out sweeping changes in even the weakest areas of the side.

“The same team, with the seven missing players included, was considered invincible only a few months ago,” he insisted.

Several club decisions are now under fire, such as the failure to pick up a midfielder or defender during the transfer window.

“There were no January signings because nobody expected so many injuries to pile up at the same time.”

Above all, last night’s defeat highlighted how much Edgar Davids – now on loan at Barcelona – has been missed.

“The Davids situation was different,” noted Moggi. “He wanted to leave and hadn’t played very much towards the end. Besides, we have faith in the suggestions of our Coach.”

Mar 11, 2004
I can't understand it when someone says that we haven't got funds. Juve is the only team to have made profit in Serie A in the past years. How couldn't such a big team have funds? I mean just like at Milan or Inter...they spend and spend and spend and make big losses every year but they still have funds. That's because Berlusconi and Moratti are willing to shell out cash to see their team win. So don't tell me that Juve must sell star players cause we don't have any funds. Maybe it's just the Agnelli family that doesn't want to spend much on Juve lately...

Also you honestly don't believe that what Moggi said about Lippi, Nedved, Trezeguet and Thuram is true? I mean this is the man that said that Vieri was not for sale in a press release just to sell him a few hours later! I don't know who will leave but some of them will surely go unfortunately...

My personal opinion about who should leave is this:

Buffon is the best so no changes here. Maybe Chimenti should be changed as I don't think he is reliable enough.


Montero and Iuliano should leave. I would also sell Tudor cause he is useless. He is always injured and just plays 3 matches a season (and sometimes even less). Ferrara should stay for another year and then retire and make an office career with Juve. Pesotto and Birindelli should be kept as subs. Legrottalie is still new and relatively young compared with the rest. We should give him another chance. Juve should buy some good defenders like the young Ferrari, Bonera, P. Cannavaro. All these could be bought from Parma at a cheap price due to Parma's financial situation.


We need a player to substitute Davids here. Someone who wins balls. Unfortunately it's not so easy to find someone who replaces Davids. Apart from that I think Maresca will be great and maybe we should get Brighi or Perrotta back. Camoranesi, Tacchinardi and Nedved are doing fine. Conte can end his career with the team in a couple of years. Appiah should be give more time to settle.


We need another player like Trezeguet. Someone tall and physical. I don't particularly like Corradi of Lazio so maybe Juve will look abroad. Gilardino should also be bought from Parma. I think either Del Piero or Di Vaio should leave. Or maybe Del Piero should face reality and change his role to attacking midfielder as I don't think he is a pure striker. Also his form and fitness are very unstable so he shouldn't play every match from the start.


Lippi is one of the best but maybe it's time for change? If it comes to that I would like to see either Prandelli or Deschamps coach Juve next year since we can't get Capello...
Aug 1, 2003
Ferrara will not leave, nor will conte, he will retire peacefully. Montero I am not sure, although I would like him to retire here too but that might take too much space.

Oh come on Lili, Nedved's king and all but he's getting older and chances of him getting better than last season is most probably not... Juve tends to sell their stars


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Mar 10, 2004
Ruben Cassar i agree with you about few things but i dont agree about: Legrotaglie and Conte, we dont need them Conte is too old and Legrotaglie is too bad for this team, and i think that Trezeege should be selled and we could profit a lot of money if we dont have "enough" funds.

Moggi is playing with as....
Aug 1, 2003
Why on earth would you sell someone who GUARANTEES goals? Might as well just sell Di Vaio who misses a dozen chances then! And Trez is MOST valuable? I'd like to think thats Nedved! Sell Legro? He's probably one of the youngest of the lot, why get rid of him? Because he had a bad season? Thuram and Nedved had bad first seasons with Juve, yet they're not entirely useless are they?


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Jun 3, 2003
I think Trez may go. Not because he sucks. (He's a goal machine.)
But simply because we need the money to bring in some young blood. Neddy or Trez are most likely to get us big money, so i cant see how they would stay on, and we wud still reinforce.


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Mar 11, 2004
trez should stay!!
we can get some cash from nedved, then sell him
he passed his peak n there aint much he can give to juve i expected and i dont mind selling di valo n thuram if the money is right

btw, we should give legro another chance
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