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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
Juve are focusing on the Champions league this year. I think they should.Although we can do well in both competitions, because we have such a strong team.

Well who do you think is going to be the toughest to beat?

I think its Barcelona.They are the only team that had good signings this year in Europe.I mean effective signings, not like Real Madrid who are just after fame by buying that actor who they call BEKHAM!!

The other tough team to beat is as i think are Chelsea, although many people favor them to be best in the english league,but they be a problem in the champions league also.

Tell what you think?and why ?


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Junior Member
May 22, 2003
chelsea it is !

maybe barca and real will give some trouble.

also the italian team will give extra trouble (i think) cos all of them are knowing each other very well.


Senior Member
Jul 16, 2003

can i spoil yr thread a bit by saying something else? pls dun kill me, it's just my silly opinion :p

In my view, its the CL....... the top teams in europe compete in it, sure there r some which r obviously stronger than others but i find it very hard to think of 1 or 2 teams which would be the toughest to beat (or maybe its b cos i dun know enough :p). I mean there r many great teams which can cause us hell.

For me i just want Juve to improve themselves. Last season we accomplished alot by reaching the finals but with some :heart: attack @ some point we could hv easily not made it. If Juve can play as we know they can, then anything's possible. :)

Chelsea? They're looking great in their 1st match but i'm still a bit skeptical (spelling?) abt this new Chelsea.


Mar 6, 2003
Im worried about the new CL Fixtures.

Last year i was very happy with the first 2 groups phases.

But this year, right after the first group, as many knows, start the knock out stage.....and..........The knock out games chill me to the bones!! :eek:

The last 4 previous games before the milan clash, were horrible!.
I was eating my nails in ech game. (im very nervous in those kind of things :) )

del pozzo

Junior Member
Jul 22, 2003
real madrid- with the arrival of beckham and other several world class players in their squad, im sure they will be tough to beat, although their defence is horrible.

man utd- they are making a good start in this season. even though veron and beckham arent in the team anymore, they still have a strong squad imo plus their new talents like howard and ronaldo. im sure scholes, giggs, solksjaer and van nistelrooy will shine this season.

our local rivals ecpecially inter & ac milan will surely be one of the toughest team to beat. altough i hope milan will get knock out early in the competition (hope so) because their main target is serie a if im not mistaken and lazio also could be the darkhorse in the UCL competition.

bayern- in the past 4 seasons they have played a big role in the champions league. after the signing of makaay and with ballack in midfield, they have develop to a more balance squad and imo they also will be tough to beat.

chelsea- i like this team :D . i have so much respect for roman abramovich and claudio ranieri. after made several signings of some brilliant players to their squad, imo they will be much tougher to beat than before.

other teams like arsenal, deportivo and newcastle might be dangerous also.


Senior Member
Jul 30, 2003
bayern.. coz its a very long time since we saw them in europe so their strength is so unpredictable, it woryyin.. and maybe milan....we know each other too well it takes only luck for any side to win...i hope we meet Real ( had fun the last time ) and Man U ( to prove that both their win just a fluke ) again this year....


Senior Member
Apr 21, 2003
Real Madrid - Unless they buy 2 defenders, their CL chances are slim ;) And now they have the Makele problem, the only good DM they have.

Man Utd - Always tough to beat, but seriously, in these past 10 years, how many times have they reached the CL final? Once! They're no cup team

Chelsea - Now this is a team built to be a cup team rather than a league team. I'll be very wary of them.

Milan and Inter - They might not be spectacular, especially Inter, but they always get the job done, so expect them to arrive at least up to the quarters.

Bayern - If Makaay gets in the groove, then they could become a formidable squad. However German teams have not really impressed as of late.

HYDDE - You're forgetting something. In these past 10 years of CL, Juventus nearly always struggled in the league phase, whereas in the knockout, Juventus have lost only 1 game in 10 years (against Utd semifinal of 99) ! That shows that we are much better on a 2 legged match rather than in a group phase, so good riddance with the groups :D


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Jul 17, 2002
Toughest for Juve to Beat:

1. ManU: We always have a tough time againt very organized teams (check out our results against Arsenal and ManU from the past two seasons).

i do think that ManU will face some problems, because Solskjaer is playing in Beck's spot and there aren't many established options in attack. Though i think Ronaldo is a great prospect and will help them a lot. they dont have much options in Center Midfield with Veron Departing. Djemba-Djemba is a work hourse, but i dont think he has the flair and the ability to orchistrate the midfield like Veron or the ever-injured Roy Keane.

2. Bayern Munich.
They are as organized as Munich and they also won the league with a lot of games to spear last season. which meant that they tried different tactics and the coach seems very ready. With the additions of De'Michelis in defense and Roy Makaay in attack, they will be tough to beat.
They were unlucky to exit the CL last season because they were at their worst in Europe when they played Milan and Depor who were doing very Well at that time.

3. Chelsea:
I watched their First EPL game vs. Liverpool. they look promising, specially when i found out that it was their first win at Anfield in decades. So, i think they were good, but they where still very shaky. I dont think Claudio could make a solid and consistent team. he's had trouble before depite having established internationals like Zenden and Petit.
Verdict: too early to speculate, but i have a gut feeling about one thing:


They need to get their crap together, but i dont see them as tough as the ones above because they're too cocky now and they dont have many attacking options. i think they did a stupid move by getting their 3rd playmaker when they needed an attacker more.

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