whivh of juve past and now player u like most? (1 Viewer)


The Rival
Jul 21, 2002
the past: Bettega, Platini, Roberto Baggio, even Liam Brady!

the Present: Buffon is a world class keeper! followed by Nedved who is the greatest player ive seen in a while! i feel Zambrotta is one of the un sung heroes at the delle alpi.. i like him alot. and ofcourse - Ciro Ferrara.... so many times i would of loved this man to be with Maldini at the back of milan...


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
will you all lay off van der sar please :fero: its so disrespectful to a player that served us very well!
Aug 20, 2002
I used to think Van der sar was great when he was at Ajax and then when we got him instead of Man U i was like "YESSSS" but right from the start he seemed to lack consistancy although i didnt see that much of Juve then. But i seem to remember him being sent off? is this right i think he came flying out of his area for some reason? I think his game is littered with mistakes. At Fulham he has been mediocre no more. Certainly not the great keeper i though he was when he was at Ajax.

Present Fave = Neddy/DP (sorry couldnt choose)

Past Fave = Baggio

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