Which will end in Juventus??? (1 Viewer)


The Grimreaper
Jul 12, 2002
I was wondering yesterday... how many players of our current squad will you think that will end their carrers has juventinos??

Heres my picks:

Del piero
Miccolli (I wish)

How about your picks?

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Jun 4, 2003
Ferrara for sure, because I don't think he will ever play some games more this season to come, but you never know, maybe he'll want to be at Napoli.

Nedved no. He said he wants to go back to Sparta Prague to end it, then he said he is thinking, then he said many ohter things that made me dizzy :)

Buffon - I don't think so. Don't ask me for reasons. I have a hunch.

Del Piero - yes man. The symbol of the club. I guess.

Conte - probably, if he won't be loaned or sold as Helveg was.


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Jul 16, 2003
....sigh..... with this Davids thing going around i've lost some faith abt this :down:.......

Del Piero - almost 100%

Ferrara - almost 100%


Nedved? - Iulia, to add to yr confussion, i somehow remember that he said that he wanted to end his carrer at Juve, but i've also be told what u said

Buffon? - :undecide: He's young and great and GK's r active for a long time.... he's meant alot to us since he joined and he's great to hv..... but if Juve sell him, that would be alot of $$ so.....oh well.... (any team but Man U....thats all i'm asking :D)


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Jul 16, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Edgar Davids ] ++

it's tough to imagine him in an other club :scared:
besides we payed 50 million dollars for him. he should be ours forever
oh, i'd like that ;) :flirt: ........ :D:D

btw, pls dun leave us Edgar Davids......we luv u :touched::kiss: <------i hope that u r a guy....:lazy:


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Sep 21, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Sunshine ] ++

:moan: r u playing with me? i'm talking to u.... yes u..... :angel:
alright then, what do you want? :D

We payed loads for Buffon but what makes you so sure that some club wont pay even more for him later on in his career
it can happen.. but I mean that if we pay 50 millions for him, we want him to stay


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Jul 30, 2003
maybe the older ones like ferarra. pessoto, conte...but i cant see anybody else including alex -his wage is too much...his hold on the first team place became more chalenging everyyear..i think the time when he can only get that in smaller clubs will come sooner or later...in the ending part of his career i can see his role as a saviour from relegation or winning some english club's Best Foreign Player Ever Award. Eventhough i would certainly feel funny when any of that happens.. he is the reason i support Juve. surely strange when that no 10 leave....


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Jul 16, 2003
aressandro10, i mainly agree with u abt the older players, but i still think that Alex will be an exception. In many ways he is the icon of Juve so i'm hoping that he will remain with us until the end. And after that maybe some kind of ...... i dun kno how to say it.... errr....manageral/coaching position?


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