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Dec 13, 2002
I guess this is a silly thread and it has probably been done before, but i'm a new member so what the hell!

I want to know when and why you started supporting Juventus.

I started in 96' watching the Champions League... even before the final I was in love with this fabolous club. Juve where a great team back then... and still are :strong: , but there was something special about thoose guys...

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Jul 12, 2002
it was in 1998 i think,my friend told me about how he supported juve blah blah blah.......and since i didn't know what "juve" was,i checked it out and have supported it since then.


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Jul 12, 2002
It was 1998, just after the World Cup. I started getting into football a lot and was hooked on EA's World Cup 98. I wanted to get a version of FIFA with club teams in it because the club season was starting. I knew I'd like Italian football best for some reason. So I typed in a search on Yahoo! and the list of all the squads came up. Juventus caught my eye for some reason, I went to their web site and saw a lot of players I knew from WC 98 and the rest, as they say, is history.


Jul 15, 2002
When - In the 80's
Why - I remember posting this before ... maybe I'll just quote it :D

I have always loved soccer. At one time I used to go to great lengths just to watch a game. The Bundesliga used to be televised in my country in the early 80's - Bayern Munich was a ruthless team back then. The german football was however too predictive - equation was - Bayern scores they slaughter you. I got some english football games but they were quite boring. I had no favourite team at that point just enjoyed watching the game. Then came the 1982 world cup and I supported Brazil but the Italians especially Alessandro Altobelli & Marco Tardelli caught my eye. After a boring start they found their stride with Paolo Rossi doing all the finishing. However I needed to know more about Altobelli & Tardelli. This started an adventure which led me to Juventus. For many years it was not possible for me to get any live matches, I depended on a Daily Newspaper which would relay Serie A's results on Tuesdays - That paper was my most anticipated event of the week. Then I discovered BBC Radio sports which made it possible for me to get the results at midnight on sunday almost the same day. I started following this league closely - At this time AC Milan was incredible but I loved the bianconeri with all my heart. This relationship has bloosomed ever since. I travelled long distances to watch Juve's games on telly or video tape. The internet came and I was able to get more info on Juve. Livescore's on the net were invented & life was much better. I always promised myself that onetime I'll be watching some games live. Platini came & this was pure class & flair. Roberto Baggio & his divine ponytail graced the Delle Alpi to great aplomb. The Vialli era was exciting, Rava hit the scene and the white feather made us float. When Alex Del Piero made his entrance I knew we had the wonder kid. All this time the management sold all the stars we had but I clung to Juve hoping that things would be alright. Vieri came and went - Amoruso shone and dimmed. Zidane paraded his skills with deftness. Then the terrible years set in - confusion - panic - disaster. But I still loved this team. Now we are rebuilding and am anticipating good times ahead. One day I'll watch Juve beat Roma at the Delle Alpi, am biding my time.


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Jul 17, 2002
I looove Juventus FC since World Cup 94, when Roby and Dino Baggio play in Italian NT. I thought that they're brothers but I was wrong cos there are so many Baggio's in Italia.
But both of them were Juve players, and they did well during the WC, that's the reason why I support Juve.
Well, Roby failed in the penalty shootout in final, and that's really sad :down: but since then I love Juventus, per sempre ;)


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Dec 13, 2002
Juventus for ever , but i think that Salas should leave cause he is good for nothing, and another attacker should come at X-mas.

for the rest, they are all good


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Oct 3, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Febrina ] ++
I looove Juventus FC since World Cup 94, when Roby and Dino Baggio play in Italian NT. I thought that they're brothers but I was wrong cos there are so many Baggio's in Italia.
aren't they?:confused::eek:


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Oded ] ++
i since 1999. just turned on TV and saw juve. simple as that!
Its a good thing that it was not Doncaster rovers that was being shown on Tv that day then:D

When 1992
why Luca Vialli

Before then I have always liked because of Platini but was not a huge fan


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Nov 16, 2001
This is kind of strange but the year I became a Juvefan was 92. Milans fantastic year when they didn't loose a game in the Italian league. At that time the italian league was by far the best league in the world.
I must be born a juventus-fan because they didn't show many Juvegames, not more than 2 or three. I suppose the black and white stripes are irresistable, I bought my first Juventus shirt in London the same year and it is still my favourite.
My favourite player at the time was Baggio, no not Roberto but Dino, I can't really tell why.

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