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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
Last season nedved played the best season in his life.He did everything that could've done.He was better than all of them.Zidane,beckham,carlos,ronaldo,anyone was just compared as crap to nedved.He was just simply better!

When the season started we bought players and said that we have nedved in top form with these new players.

NOW!! nedved is not there.We need to relay on other players to make the impact in midfield,juve just don't have that.Now maresca looks to be gone with injury we will struggle badly.The case is that nedved isn't just out of form he is really in bad form.

1st i thought that when zidane beat him to best player of the year, it had a big impact on him, but this impact can't go on this long. He should be better than that especially when we need him the most,NOW!!

I also thought that he had too much pressure on him.He gets hit alot in matches, but now i don't see that match pressure on him as in the past.Still he doesn't perform 50% of what he does.

Its just a shame
I hope he finds himself soon.

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Apr 22, 2003
I'm pretty sure we had an identical discussion not so long ago, but oh well

++ [ originally posted by sateeh ] ++
Last season nedved played the best season in his life.
If it's the common opinion that Nedved had the season of his life last year, doesn't it logically follow that he won't have a better season in his career?

Nedved's not playing so badly; sure, he's not scoring as many goals as he did last season, but he still runs his legs off and is the man behind most of our goal attempts.

I'm not saying he's anywhere near as inspirational as last season, but he's by no means as invisible or ineffective, counterproductive even, as some of our other players.


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Jan 20, 2004
Its because of last season you set your expectations of nedved so highly, and rightly so. He isn't playing all that bad though so he shouldn't be criticized.


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Feb 13, 2004
He needs time, just like DP
DP also played a good season last term, but after his injury at Roma, he never really recovered. The DP that everyone will remember takes time to recover, hopefully he will get back very soon, and the same with Nedved


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Dec 23, 2002
++ [ originally posted by sateeh ] ++

1st i thought that when zidane beat him to best player of the year, it had a big impact on him, but this impact can't go on this long. He should be better than that especially when we need him the most,NOW!!

I agree with u on this point .... look at the matches before zidan won the prize nedved was playing very good ( games against brescia and reggina ) but suddenly he vanishind after he lost against zidan .... it is like if he feels that it was his only chance and he lost it .....


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Jun 3, 2003
Every player has a peak period. The last 2 years were unforgettable seasons for neddy. He played well, but now he cant be expected to reproduce that form all the time. Hes not getting ne younger. Yet, we cant expect the world from him each time he gets out there. He's still got some superb games left in him, but i guess he isnt going to be as magical as last season.
Aug 1, 2003
It'd be a miracle if he can do what he did last season, he has done well I don't think we should expect more than he could give, and what he's giving averagely is fairly good


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Apr 3, 2003
no matter gow much i love nedved and no matter that i still believe he is one of the best football players...

i have to admit that i was waiting for this....
it came this year.

nedved gave himself.
i don't think he will ever be so "ready" to offer like a football player again,as he used to give us....

not even alex,not even thuram,not even ferrara.

unfortunatelly,we must start thinking our team without them,or at least without relying on them 100%.

the shame is that buffon is not as good as he used to be.
OR,our defense is soooo crap that gigi can't save the ass of 10 players all together.


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Oct 28, 2002
i agree with Lilianna this is why fresh blood is needed for our team! appiah started very well but later he vanished!
Maresca was giving us alot of hope and now he has that injury blow!!!

trezeguet is not the kind of player who creates chances and i can't blame him this season as he isn't getting alot of chances!! what we really need is fresh blood in defense and midfield! i think our attack is fine with the likes of DP, Trez, DV, and Miccoli

Nedved is just growing old and that is normal! his style of play demands alot of physical strength and alot of running! simply at his age that is not very possible!!!! perhaps we need someone like Van Der Vart to spice up our midfield!

our wings are fine as camo and zambo are players i am happy with but we need a bit more depth in the middle!!! we can't rely on appiah and tachi as they both play very defensive games and can't help our attack the way they should!!! not like Pirlo or Seedorf can!!! not like Emerson and Dacourt can!!!

tachi is not an italian international coz simply he is not that excellent!!! he does have great games but he also plays shitty ones too!!! a player at his position can not afford to play shitty games!!!


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Feb 25, 2004
i think nedved acts as the lung that juve uses everymatch....just as delpiero is the spirit of juve ... but i think if these two act as totti and cassano in roma juve will really change ..... plus all of the offers from other clubs to buy nedved made him a bit unfocused....

thats all

Tha Bo$$

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May 15, 2003
I don't think hes playing too bad!, and we shouldn't have to rely on one player anyway!

Nedved will be back to his best soon im sure!!So will DP!

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