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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
First of all i would like to say "BRAVO MOGGI" on the Capello deal.He used all his tactics in this deal.I didn't think he would be that smart.But he proven me wrong.

Now to the players: Here is the situiation;

We have signed Zebina and Kapo.We don't know anything about Kapo but he has a good talent and he is very fast.
Zebina had proven last year that he is a top notch defender,and he should be in the starting line up next year.

Conte is going out that for sure(grazzie Capetaan,u've been wonderfull).
Trezegoal looks to be heading to Barca even before Euro 2004.I don't other players who will go out , if u can inform me it would be wonderfull:D

Now players that we could bring in.
Defender and a two midfielders is out of the question.We need that or the team would just collapse next year the same as this year.An attacker optional(only if trez leaves).

I would like if we got Blasi as a defender midfielder.He is a very tough guy in midfield who has talent and could even produce good passes.
If we couldn't get him then we should turn to one of the three.
Barone:He is also one of the best midfielders of this year.I like him very much.
Perrota:he is very very good, being in the starting line up in the azzuri should be enough, but his problem is that he isn't that tough in midfield.
Brighi:This year must be his best year.He is very good also.

Now to the other midfielder(the attacker), or as i say nedved's replacement.
This is where i want Moggi to surprise me!!!Come on Moggii.
BUT i think it should be one of those:
Jankulovski:He is the closest to juve.
Rosisky:The talented midfielder expressed his desire to leave Dortmund a while ago, mybe moggi could jump in.
But i still say MOGGII SURPRISE ME!!

Now to the defender, i would only prefer Ferrari.He is one of the best for the last two seasons.I dont know others.

Now the attacker.I will only write names:
Gilardino,Zlatan,Kluivert.I don't know u give me ur opinion.

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Senior Member
Aug 26, 2003
I don't want Rosicky. He's injured wayyyyyy too much. Its like his bones are brittle or something (im serious !)

The last thing Juve need is anothe injury prone player :groan:

Jankulovski would be better i feel.

As for players in defense, Mexes seems a distinct possibility. Trabelsi seems unsettled at Ajax... so who knows.

And finally the strikers.... i wish its Vieri, Gilardino, Zlatan or Morientes.

Any one (or 2 :D i know im pusing it) would be great.
Sep 28, 2002
two defenders. he must think about it. last year all defencemen sucked. now we have zebina. so everything is sorted out.

and its stupid when 80% of people here would take gilardino over mexes. absurd.


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Apr 5, 2004
I expect that IF we dont get Emerson, then Moggi will do everything to get Davids back, since Capello is crazy about him, its a bit ironic that he has wanted Davids a long time in Roma, and when he comes to Juve then he is gone.

Other than that we could expect to see Vieri in Juve (Moggi & Capello are the biggest fans of him) :( or hopefully Zlatan instead, I think Gila is out of reach now.
Aug 1, 2003
++ [ originally posted by IceBlu ] ++
I don't want Rosicky. He's injured wayyyyyy too much. Its like his bones are brittle or something (im serious !)

The last thing Juve need is anothe injury prone player :groan:
Tell that to our beloved Igor Tudor :D But seriously, I wish he would stop being injured. He's quite a decent player IMO


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Oct 9, 2002
i would prefer to sign Emerson as a 1st choice cause our mid needs much improvment , then search for a good & young defender like Mexes for example . . .

forza Capello !!

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