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Apr 15, 2006
What kind of a music listener are you?

1. The sensuous plane – we hear the music without thinking or analysing it. On this level, we can still be influenced by music, but in a non-conscious way. Eg: by hearing upbeat music playing in a store, we will buy more than if we are listening to slow, sad music.

2. The expressive plane – we hear the ‘emotion’ of the music, or ‘feel’ it. This is where listeners give a ‘meaning’ to the music they are listening to. Unless I’m being analytical, I tend to listen to music on this plane.

3. The purely musical plane – this plane requires focused listening. On this plane, the listener notices all the musical aspects – the volume, tone, rhythm, tempo, melodies, harmonies and structure.



I'm definitely a listener on a 'purely musical plane'.


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Sep 16, 2003
Definitely #3 for me.

Much like certain movies, I always try to go back to certain songs to see of there is something I missed the first time around


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Sep 16, 2003
Interesting... I don't do that for most of my music after listening to it for a while. I make up my mind quickly if I like it or not because I analyse it at a deep level.
It's not a question of whether I like a song. On the contrary, if I really like a song or an album I will go back to it to try and pick up nuances, especially if they are re-mastered or if it was originally a mono recording that is now available in stereo.

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys to me is a perfect example. The deluxe CD has both the mono and stereo recordings and its amazing the little things you pick up on along the way.


Jul 15, 2002
Too much to do. I also feel like I've lost the connection. I would love to have a few weeks in an old sunny, warm little village with some local music.

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