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May 20, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Jun-hide ] ++
Come on, Sony-Ericsson is just about the worst looking mobile after Nokia.;). It always amazes me why Nokia tops the world market with such shitty phones.
And as for Samsung, I agree their features aren't great but they are definetely the nicest phone to look at. And that is all I care about.:p

if u care only about the look
i care more about whats inside the phone..:D
what am i going to do with super nice looking phone
and nothing to use ??? only phone book and messages??

and i think u haven't seen the 6600 for nokia
or t610 and Z1010 for sony ericsson...

the r so elegance , and has many and manu options...
and im sure all of these phones
will be cheaper than an empty sumsung...:devil::fero::D

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