Apr 12, 2004
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    Just got bank from The Bank,and i just had Lunch.Didnt we have a similar thread like this before too btw?I recall something along these lines.And Burke whats it like..around midnight at your place right now?Just a wild guess.Thats too early for sleep.You're getting old!
    Nah, it was like 3:30 AM when I went to bed....
    I work for a Ducth company.
    I work as an electrical engineer, making drawings of all kind of electrical assemblies used in a machine that exposes the sillicon wafers where eventually, among other things, computer chips are made out.
    Hell yea, the Dutch taste so good when cooked correctly.
    na we're just finishing up the semester, exam period ends on the 25th or at least its for me.

    Summer school starts in January
    Yea, I didn't put it together that you were in the Southern Hemisphere until after I asked that question.
    just got to work...

    its monday, 'nuff said
    Ironically I'm chewing on the front of my GUN!


    l'amour toujours
    Apr 5, 2007
    Just filled my prescription out at the pharmacy, reading the news concerning Juve and the Euros, and about to start writing in a bit.

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