Apr 14, 2005
I think it takes incredible courage and discipline to grow up in a posh, upper-crust, aristocratic, monarchical family and literally come out against them. He wanted to be in a combat position instead of in the Navy playing on boats like his dad; he bucked the trend, went against the family, and when he wasn't supported, he put his middle finger up and said, "Fuck you, I quit."

That's hard as shit, literally difficult, and the street meaning.

Sure, he had everything, he still does. He ain't going hungry.

Think about if this is a Rockefeller or Rothschild airing family laundry like this. The motherfucker would be killed.

It takes nothing to come out against them publicly and retain all titles and privileges without taking on any of the duties. Like i said, imagine you have direct access to world leaders, the greatest minds, you could literally express your potential in any path of your choosing and you pick that.

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Dec 31, 2000
Thats not the first thing I associate with Australia, being cold. Tho not suprising, typically warm countries have little regard for preparing for all elements in their planning for house building (unless its stone houses). What kind of low temperatures do you get in Australia? To make a norwegian used to the cold complain about it.
It really doesn't take that much, and there are lots of people from the north who live here saying this. In Scandi we can easily maintain an indoor temperature of 20 all year round. Here the indoor temperature is more or less the outdoor temperature, all year round. And it fluctuates wildly, because there is no gulf stream. It can go from 32 to 12 in less than 12 hours.

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