Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002

Just found out at work, RIP to the fullest :( I thought he was making it through this time, even if coma sounded real tough.

I dont say it lightly, unlike most celeb passings, but im gonna miss him bad. True artistry, in you feel his outmost passion, struggle with inner demons, and every emotion he expressed in his songs, wether it was a radio hits raw adrenaline, or a simple heartfelt gospel rap song.

This song helped go through shitty times in my teens:



Sep 23, 2003
Brazilians do sound fuckin strange. They can't help speaking through their nose.
It's a Portuguese thing. Nasal is where it's at. They even invented nasal sex.

My buddy is a pilot. He was flying over Austria, ski resort of some sort, and he was talking the guy in the cockpit for about 5mins while flying above. His phone was turned off. When he landed his plane he took the paper work, then turned on his phone to continue filling the data in the app from the company, info about distance, fuel, etc. He had like 15 minutes off so he went on facebook. You know what first sponsored ad was? The same ski resort he talked about when flying over. He never googled about it before. So yeah, it's a fact phone is/can be tracked even when it's turned off, especially now when you have phones that can't take their battery out. Same shit happened to me a couple of times I talked. I was getting recommended stuff that I never googled before about it. Majority of people install apps but nobody reads licence of agreement and that stuff, everyone just auto accepts.
Facebook is about as sinister as they come. But sinister like someone squashing a bug without even knowing it's there.

Played tennis for the first time... And it went better than my badminton.
So trying to bang those kinda chicks now...

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