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May 29, 2005
It’s all about levels.. @Hust

in my less "American Dream" and more embarrassing years in retail one of my stores had one of his albums. I used to listen to it in the mornings when I would clean the stores.

lol I used to sit and watch all the "normal" people go to work in the mornings in their suits and coffees and I had a dust mop in my hands :touched:


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lol I actually tactically acquired the CD when I left.

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The man can sing.


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Aug 30, 2002
Lupe been through so many phases and changes since 2003 I’ve lost count

impressive that he’s stayed relevant tho

He is the realest dude around in that industry, just evolves and grows as a person in weird sitautions for past 2o years. Listen to him talk about the overall experience in honest way here (the title is clickbait by someone else, not him), really breaking down the cost of fame and how it changes people's sense of reality step by step:

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