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Jul 30, 2015
Not even J Cole and Kendrick Lamar on a track together can make me happy right now. That's how fucked up I feel about this club.
There is always Stinkfist by Tool. It won't light up your mood for sure, but what a damn blockbuster. Especially live.

edit: "relax, turn around, and take my hand" sounds like a Paratici line


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Aug 30, 2002
You need to listen to Freddie Gibbs Banana album then (besides being a great rapper and funny guy lol), Madlib the legendary producer is absolutely sick with producing with dope samples on most of the songs (same thing with their first album Pinata).

Listen to how he switches up the beat on this one:

Dont think I need to say much with this features:

Smoothest beat in a while:

This is INSTANT classic:

His videos are hilarious too besides being excellent music with dope samples.


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Sep 16, 2003
I blame Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz and their record label and management for all of this. It went all downhill after that as far as sampling. These fools actually had the nerve to sample "Black Cow" by Steely Dan and didn't bother to ask them. The same Steely Dan that allowed De La Soul to sample easily their biggest hit "Peg" for the track "Eye Know"



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Sep 16, 2003
That black cow tune is smoothest shit ever :D

I'm feeling nostalgic, so listening to new songs that basically sound exactly like smooth 90s rap/rnb combo (ala Big and Pac):

Steely Dan, once they decided that they were going to stop touring in 1974, and concentrate solely on the studio, really had some smooth, soulful shit. Removing the remaining members of the band allowed them to do that. Very intricate songwriting and the ultimate in musicianship, especially the session players they had for their albums. Kanye sampled "Kid Charlemagne" for "Champion" and got clearance by writing a personal letter to them.

And yes, the song is about a drug dealer :lol:

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