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juve lord

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May 12, 2003
look at my great plan for this summer transfers for JUVE....
Barca will buy Salas....
then we will change Trezeguet with P.Vieira from Arsenal....
after that we'll give Roma money + Davids to get Totti....
then we will give Lazio Di Vaio & Maresca to buy Fiori & Corradi ...
what a plan !!!!
after that we will sell montero.... & buy Mexise...
then we will see that ( ****** plan :D )
what do u think !!! :D
Notice : if u wanna hit me after that my add. is ** ****** **

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Jul 25, 2001
You go through all that trouble and yet you still have Zambrotta as left back.

Do me a favour - never share your ideas with Moggi ;)


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Jul 14, 2002
Erik's right. As well as Zambrotta has played at left back, he's much better as a winger and we need to utilise this asset because he really murdered Barcelona and Real Madrid.

We don't need Fiore, we have Zambro, what we do need is a left back, and IMHO, Tacchinardi is better than Vieira :)


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Nov 16, 2001
We don't need Corradi, take a quick look at our forwards and you will see why.

Del Piero, Trezeguet, Di Vaio, Miccoli, Zalayeta and Salas. Four of these deserve first team play.
juve lord

juve lord

Junior Member
May 12, 2003
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    hey guys .....
    did i tell u that i love u :D
    i was just kidding... :D:D:D:D
    who is the ( right mind person ) that likes this **** plan?
    not me :D
    i don't like Totti & i prefer seeing Zambrotta as a winger....
    bye bye :D

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