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Mar 3, 2004
yes i know we need to buy only a few already-built players in the coming transfer window.. but where are our youths??

we only have marchisio, giovinco and deceglie that came from our youth team?!
i see that our primavera squad is at the top of their league... so they must be doing something right.

i hate the fact that we are looking to old players in our current situation.. other than delpiero who is simply timeless... why are we lookin so much to players over 30?!?? (such as cannavaro, camoranesi, grosso, grygera, zebina, brazo, trez to name a few) :andy2:

when did we become ac milan? lol we need to give our youths a chance! since the beginning of this crisis, common sense would be to let some of our young, hungry, speedy, energy-full primavera players merge into the side. instead of making the fans suffer watchin these slow dead beat dead grandpas run our brains through a sawmill every single game.

we need change, and in footie, that comes from the younger generation. :ultra:

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Jan 31, 2003
must play giovinco for the remainder of the season. de ceglie should only play as an attacking left winger, he cant defend.

For me i would be trialing Bambia at right back and Iago (unless he is loaned and im not aware) should get a go also. I really dont see Giovinco staying at the club after this season, so mayb Iago is the player who can come through.


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Dec 27, 2005
Why don't you guys understand that there is no way we gonna ever play Gio, not even if he becomes Chuck Norris!!!


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Aug 5, 2006
The primavera aren't "mature enough" to play in Serie A the world's greatest and toughest league.
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