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Apr 2, 2007
Can we please ban Alen from this thread? That was the most useless post I’ve ever had to read.
His situation complicates things for the summer Mercato

:lol: FOH
It does. We need at least two starting midfielders and we still have to buy McKennie. We buy him and we don't buy two midfielders.
Since we'll buy him, we won't be able to add two quality players for the midfield (meaning 80-100m euro), which equals another season of weak midfield.

In your (plural) attempt to defend McKennie, you're all failing to admit how much we fucked up last summer. If we bought a much better midfielder than him last summer, we wouldn't have had this problem now. Or even better, if we bought much better midfielders than him and Arthur. But we fucked up and that fuck up is gonna hurt us for a long time. We can't sell Arthur and we still need to buy McKennie.

Those posts in the summer mercato thread where you lot are dreaming about buying Pogba+Locatelli/Aouar... not gonna happen because we bought Arthur and we still need to buy McKennie.

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At this point just ignore anything Alen says about this kid. Cronios level posts.
Just because you two share the same pigment, it doesn't mean that you need to protect him at any cost. It would be like me defending Bernardeschi.
Just admit it that McKennie sucks. Maybe slightly less than Bentancur, but he sucks as much as all the other timbers we have in midfield.

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