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Feb 10, 2007
Wasn't he can training with the entire squad who didn't have international commitments? So whole squad that Pirlo was working with quarantined for 10 days?


Jun 17, 2011
Would be horrible if covid punched a major hole into professional football with many clubs going broke and the rest having to play for minimum wages and transfer fees for top players would be 5-10mil again.

hope that never happens heh!
Because bidets are all over Italy, the board can stockpile toilet paper to use as bargaining chips as well.

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They should've done leagues first, then CL/EL, and then internationals plus Euro, all separately
That's an interesting idea. I think it would be hard to fit it all in a year though.
Jan 17, 2011
Lighten up, Alen is joking.
These mericans have turned into sissies.

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I have seen x100 times worse on this forum even on a personal level and people are still here. Saying that I would probably be mad too if you said something like this for an Albanian player, but that would be in 2006 when I first joined the forum and was naive.
Everybody talks shit about Brazilian players and you don't see CrimsonianKing crying like a bitch.

People that like to hate on the left and feminists are acting the same.

Bunch of fags really.
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