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May 26, 2009
I like McNuggets, but for 50 million, I'd sell. I wouldn't sell for 30 though.

Now, Rabiot and Ramsey on the other hand, I'd sacrifice for a lifetime supply of cereal, milk and honey.
It was early in the morning when I read your post and for some strange reason I thought you wrote “camel, milk and honey” :lol3:

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Jul 27, 2015
As things stand is he not already our best scoring CM ever since that Khedira hat-trick season?

i think he has far exceeded expectations IMO, nobody expected this eye for goal from him in the B2B role that he seems to be embracing now and altough he is not that specially gifted overall he certainly makes up for it with his positioning and smart runs, all while being capable of doing what majority of our other CM’s are seemingly incapable of, obviously also has his up’s / down’s like everybody else but foremost atm i would certainly keep around for at least another season unless let’s say an indecent offer comes in that we’d just be unable to turn down, which frankly i don’t think will be the case just yet.
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May 11, 2005
But but but he's unfit.
People say Bentancur is lazy and Pjanic doesn't run too.

To be honest stats never tell the full story but it is pleasing to see the work than Bentancur and McKennie are putting in. I suspect that there is an element of running a bit too much eg pressing when they shouldn't but that should come with experience given how young they are.

I can't say I've noticed people say McKennie is unfit. Anyone who has watched him would know that is nonsense. Maybe unfit in terms of carrying an injury? That certainly seemed to be the case around January time.
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