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Jan 12, 2002
Now there is also Zambrotto. Since now Marcello Lippi can count on a new player. His winger, one of the most important players during the last season, is finally fit. The 18th of June, the day of his injury, seems distant now. Zambrotta played about twenty minutes last Sunday against Como and now he's ready to face a great season once again.

"Now I'm fine - says Zambrotta - I have been working with my teammates for some days and last Sunday I played 25 minutes. My leg is ok, but I am not fit yet. I believe I could be fully fit within 3 or 4 matches".

He wasn't on the field for 4 months. "I wanted to be back. Luckily I had to recover during the summer and so I had to stay out only few matches. I saw a great Juventus, the start is good. My teammates are playing very well and have also scored a lot of goals".

This season one new teammate, playing on the right wing, has arrived: it is Mauro Camoranesi. "I'm happy for him - Zambrotta says - he's a good player. I have no problems with him. This season Juventus must play a lot of matches, so it's important that the club can count on a lot of players. Last season I played about 60 matches".

Zambrotta is a player who, during his two seasons with Juventus, has improved a lot and has offered Juventus a great help on the field. In the last days some papers reported Zambrotto was ready to sign for another club, but the midfielder wants to explain what he thinks: "I like to be appreciated. But I wish always I could only play for Juventus. So I don't want to go away. My teammates are lovely, the club too. I would really like to stay here in the future".

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