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Day Walker
Jul 28, 2003
Juve are out of the champions league, we have a long list of injuries.I know its hard times for the team everyone knows that.The odds are stacked against us.

If Milan think they have an easy match, then they better think again and think twice.
Thank god we have maresca back in the team, this is very good.I know the problem is that coach lippi doesn't have alot of options in attack but i think we can have this Formation"





This formation will give more edge in offence and it will be ok in defence also. We can also change Tudor with Montero.The important think is that we be more defesive in midfield.So Appiah and Conte will have alot of work to do.They wil have to close in on Pirlo,Seedorf, and especially Kaka.
Mybe Lippi would play Tudor in midfield in Maresca's place but i would prefer Maresca so we would have our offesive options.

Anyway the team now is focused on the Scudetto.If we beat Milan then we would be closer and we would have only Roma to get past and then we are on top.Roma will slip i can feel it and trust me Milan are going to be out of the race cause they can't be in two competitions they will crack under the pressure.


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