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Feb 14, 2004
yes!!we sacked from CL.but we shouldn't crying.this isn't the end of world.if we want to see another juve next season,we should rebuild it.and it's moggi job.
HEAD COACH;i said u before that although i love lippi but i think we need another one at juve.also azzurri needs lippi there...and i'm nearly sure that lippi will leave us at the end of this season.
DEFENDERS;oh!the worst part of juve...i respect all the players who r trying for juve.but it's better to change many of them.montero and ferrara r too old.iulian does many mistakes and legrottaglie isn't what we thought b4.we should sell thuram too...these players would be nice:ferrari,lucio,bonera,mexes.
MIDFIELDERS:a defensive midfielder is one of our most important problems.conte is too old(though his performance is good).tacchi and appiah aren't world class players too...pat vieira is the best at this post.
ATTACKERS:i personaly think that our attack line is nice...miccoli,del piero,di vaio and trez r excellent...from these guys i only can say goodbye to trezeguet...

from these guys:ferrari,bonera,mexes,lucio,aimar,puyol,rosicky,ibrahimovic and gilardino...hmmm...only 4 of them seem enough.


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Jan 31, 2004
I think we need a few new players. We should sell Thuram to Real and Nedved to Chelsea. It is the last time we can get money for them. It does not make sense to keep them if we can get money for them now the last time. We should buy for the money we get for them a few promising and young players, especially defenders like Bonera and Ferrari and perhaps somebody for the midfield. I think that our forwards are world class but our defence is really too old and makes mistakes in every game.

It is just time to bring in new players. We should buy young players and not expensive stars.

I think we get 6-10m. for Thuram and perhaps 20-25m. for Nedved. That is enough money to buy 4-5 new players for the future


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Feb 18, 2001
Ohh great another thread like this ... of course everybody will line-up tones of players now that we are out of the CL and think it's the end of the world :rolleyes: We won't do that many changes! We don't have the money for that!


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Apr 22, 2003

++ [ originally posted by hoori-r ] ++
HEAD COACH;i said u before that although i love lippi but i think we need another one at juve.also azzurri needs lippi there...and i'm nearly sure that lippi will leave us at the end of this season.
I've already said before that there's little point in sacking Lippi. Sacking the coach should always be a team's last resort, It'd cause unnecessary commotion in the team and would unsettle us even more. Just get new players, no need to change the coach.

++ [ originally posted by hoori-r ] ++
we should sell thuram too...
Okay then, we'll sell Thuram. While we're at it, by that logic (or lack thereof), why don't we sell Buffon, Zambrotta and Del Piero? I suggest that afterwards we bring in a bunch of players who are highly rated but totally unproven in Serie A. That would definitely work :rolleyes:

Sorry about the sarcasm. I agree that our defence needs an overhaul, but i really didn't see the necessity to throw Thuram's name in the bag too. If we sold our whole defence and got those players...great, we have 4 defenders to compete in 3 competitions... good luck :groan:


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Nov 2, 2003
Lippi should stay, it was enough punishment for him watching the match last night.

Del Piero case should be solved, he is injured more often then ever, and needs more time to get back on form every occasion.

Signing DYO was a very big mistake, 15 million out the window.

Miccoli is dissapointing, decent player but far from Juve standard.

Maresca is an injury prone.

Appiah, another fail-signing.

Montero, the one who decided all of our major matches this season (the opponents 12th man)

We have NO promising youngsters.

Serious signings should be done, but Moggi should act like the president of the world second richest club, not as a childish Sensi hater.


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Nov 2, 2003
++ [ originally posted by kaizer ] ++
:eek: maresca is injury prone....? tudor gets that honour IMO :p
The race is very tough between this two. You are right, Tudor is leading at the moment, but wait till Maresca gets a bit older. :frown:


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Nov 2, 2003
++ [ originally posted by incomplex ] ++
we do have promising youngster!
if not then why did we won the primavera tournament?
true is it?...correct me if i'm wrong!
I mean we dont have promising youngsters who are ready for Serie A action. We got a good primavera team, but it can still easily happen, that none of them or just one, or two will become a decent player (not world class, just decent). + In Italian league there are not too many teens, couse you have to mature mentaly for it too. Its even tougher to make it for a team, which virtually cant afford to loose. Just remember how carefully Cassano was introduced to Roma.

(of course there are some exceptions like DP was, or Bojinov, or Kaka).


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Mar 9, 2004
Hello there, im new here, and i have been looking at these forums for a bit now, and then joined. Now, im furious about our exit from the champions league, and blame it on a lack of inspiration, and of course our defence. We need defenders!!! Wasnt Lucio wanting to come? Sign him. We could pull mexes!! and ferrari and bonera r sure to come, so if we have that line, that will be fantastic!! I say, sell trez. He is WAY too incosistant, and we need a bit of a good youth striker, like zlatan or cavenagi. And if barce are stupid enuff to sign him for that much money, go right ahead i say. A few changes r need, we lack 'firepower' in comparism to the big clubs, and i think we have lippi to thank for making juventus..juventus! We need more midfield power, Ac have kaka, pirlo, rui costa, and seedorf. We have Nedved and zambrotta. Sorry, but ac wins anyday. And then rome! Emerson, Dacourt, mancini!! They are just too strong.. So we need to fight em with other players! This means some harsh changes must be made, so bye trez, thuram, and a few others, to bring in key players.

We need for next season:

A Striker, youth and a proven scorer

An attack midield when nedved does not play well, someone like van der vaart, so this will liven up nedved who has his place guarantueed every match and becomes more demotivated.

A defense mifield to replace david. Please no appiahs!!:(

And a whole new defence line.

And, Juve Forver!!:cool:


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Mar 9, 2004
I meant lazy instead of demotivated, cos he knows there is no one else to really effictivaly take him over.

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