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Sep 23, 2003
With so many Juve and Serie A imports from this continent, I'll kick off this thread to discuss some of the goings on "down under,", New World style...

From the Nov 17 WC2006 qualifiers...

Ecuador 1 - Brazil 0

What is it with Brazil and their South American competitors? The rest of the world seems to knock their knees when they play this squad of NT galacticos, and yet most of the continent seems to care less. Despite leading the South American quals with an undefeated record, Brazil has looked wobbly at best ... particularly given the star power of Ronaldo, Kaka, etc.

Ecuador fought hard in a 1-0 loss to Brazil in a WC2006 qual earlier in the year, in Manaus, and they returned the favor in the high altitudes of Quito. But the lackluster play of many of Brazil's stars wasn't unique to this match.

Ronaldo continued to prove that his lump-of-lard status in La Liga isn't a fluke ... particularly when he woefully missed a point-blank, would-be equalizer late in the second half. Kaka still hasn't proven himself in an NT game ... a streak that predated his less than stellar level of play in Serie A this year. On the other hand, Dida has been as sharp as ever, Cafu was dangerous, and Ronaldinho had his moments of brilliance. Adriano came on late for Kaka when they needed an equalizer, but it was too late (and Ronaldo was too busy being a fire plug).

I might have to argue that Salas, a bench regular for Ecuador and a halftime sub, was one of their most dangerous players -- eventhough Mendez scored the winner at 77'. Meanwhile, Ayovi continued to make ridiculous shots "on goal" that put dents in airplanes overhead.

But it was Ecuador's relative no-name team effort really stuck it to them. A great, tough-fought match -- with excellent goalie play at both ends -- where the winner was entirely deserving. This leaves Brazil now looking up at Argentina on the table, setting up an awesome showdown for their next match come March.

Uruguay 1 - Paraguay 0

Paraguay is often fun to watch with Cardozo, Paredes, etc. But I always have a soft spot for Uruguay. But this was a pretty underwhelming performance by both sides, despite the fact that this is the first time Uruguay has won the battle of the guays in decades. And who to credit? Why, our very own Paolo Montero, naturally. Paolo found himself in a perfectly opportunistic position with weak marking on a corner in from Cheva at 78' in the second half to head in the winner.

It was nice to see Montero winning a little glory again, even if I praise the almighty every time I see Juve field a defense without him this season.

God, I miss Cheva though. Still a fun and exciting player to watch ... eventhough he's had a rougher transition to Ligue 1 (2 goals in 10 appearances thus far for AS Monaco). He pounced at opportunities, regularly made defenders give chase, and shot just wide on a few occasions. At 5 goals in the quals, he's tied with Cardozo and only trails Ronaldo (who can credit 3 of his goals to penalty kicks from the last Argentina match).

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Apr 24, 2003
Stupid Argentina that won 3-2 against Venezuela, but Venezuela played in their same level

Were last - but just 3 points away from being fourth


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by fabiana ] ++
Stupid Argentina that won 3-2 against Venezuela, but Venezuela played in their same level

Were last - but just 3 points away from being fourth
Venezuela really are improving aren't they.
Dec 16, 2004
++ [ originally posted by fabiana ] ++
Stupid Argentina
ahem.......cough cough.......!
your nt did play well but some stars were missing in our outfit man.
no need to get your anger on us by calling us the word you used.
Roman freekick was all to contradict your claim

hey i will like your nt to move to wc 2006 as fourth or fifth team.best wishes from an Argentino.
but please dont ever write the silly words again for us.

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