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Feb 21, 2004
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Err... uhhh. I always thought clubs going public was a bad idea. What's good for shareholders isn't always what's good for the team/winning.
I have always thought that going public is a bad idea in general. Best example- BMW, the only major auto producer still being a family business.

But for a football team- you can generate so much cash in the initial offering, and can just throw shares out when you need money. And then you have to use that money wisely. That probably wouldn't work at Real Madrid, Roma or Inter. But Juve's always been financially conservative. It might be a good idea.

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Dec 16, 2004
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    Juve share now is around 104.5 Euro by the way not 1.5 EURO as you said !?

    check this


    and try to check you're memory again about 2001

    i did give the report to make sure that there is a big evolution between 1.5 and 104.5 EURO on 30 Dec 2004 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i guess you can understand That :)


    Well, that just doesn´t sound quite right. This is a chart for the stock performance that can be found on the offical site:

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