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Sep 6, 2002
Hi to you all!!

It wasn't my intention to register for this forum(though i am an active reader of it).But i
got irked by some of the comments like inter gave the scudetto away and juve luck and so on.I know our play at times was not one of the best but i think, overall it was much better than inter's. Ok my questions/bewilderment::confused: :confused:

1.Since we won the league on the last game, should the last game(34th) be scraped away(i.e is play only 33 games per seaon)?Or since a team can score on the 90th minute,should the game be changed and be stopped at any time less than 90mins?

2.After the first 3 games,Lippi said that he'll only look at the table at the end of the season,why do you think he said that?Remember we were @ the top then. :confused:

3.WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST.LAST LAP OF THE RACE.The LAST 5 GAMES.what happened?Who performed better than the others, who won them all?:D

4.LUCK!LUCK!LUCK! which team scored the most goals and/or which conceded less goals? For me I would bet in any one of the 2 teams above winning the league.

So that's my take on this issue.Some say "Almost doesn't count." :confused: :D :D :confused:

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Jul 12, 2002
My question to you is when Lazio won the league and we lost 9 point lead in the process, did we throw away the league or did Lazio win it, what goes around comes around


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Jul 13, 2002
yup ,denco noticed a right point.
but juvesta i feel what are you saying .all in all i want a none-casual scudetto this time .like when we won the scudetto with ten points defference.:)
maybe it's going to prove this time with recent 4-3-3 tactic:D


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Sep 6, 2002
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    <denco>My question to you is when Lazio won the league and we lost 9 point lead in the process, did we throw away the league or did Lazio win it, what goes around comes around.</denco>.

    My answer is simple, Lazio won it. It doesn't really matter whether the game u lose is at the beginning/mid/end of season, what remains is that u've lost three points. So it really kind of depends on the team whether to lose the games @ the begining/end but the overall results @ the end of the season is the same.you won 'x' matches and lost 'y' matches.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    I am afraid I am with denco on this one, Inter threw it away on the final day in Rome. I regard last season as Inter giving the title to us as I believe they were the stronger team throughout the season, but fell at the last hurdle.

    And as for scoring most and conceding least that statistic doesn't really come into it, IMO. The stronger team, I reckon, is the team that is the most consistant and therfore if a team wins most of their games 1-0 then they desrve the title.

    A couple of sesons ago we were the stronger side throughout the season but we couldn't finish the title off and so Lazio gained the title but IMO they didn't win it, we lost it and gave it to them.

    There is a Lazio fan here on the forum and I would be willing to bet he would have the same opinion. If not then I have egg on my face.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    if the games were differently scheduled,eg.the lazio match was scheduled earlier, and all results remain unchanged,we would have taken over then and remained top till the very end.sometimes fate may put it this way and thus we seem to be the lucky ones but dosen't anyone see that being able to chase someone all they way and eventually win it says something?yes the lazio win over inter played a part but if inter can't win the decisive matches it also tells alot about them as a team,no?their character and ability were not up to mark and inter fans would probably just lament on it but as it so happened it was the FINAL and decisive(there's that word again)match so the inter fans have juve to bear the blame.

    being a sore loser isn't the way to move on with life,much less soccer.but what is,you inter fans ask.

    my answer:win the scudetto this season if you can.


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    Jul 12, 2002
    You can't win the scudetto without a little bit of luck. If nothing goes in your favor, you have to play pretty amazing to be even near the top of the table.

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