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Cheng Xiang

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Oct 6, 2013
1. There are three crayons placed side by side. A red, a green, and a blue. The red is placed in the centre, the green on the left, and the blue on the right. Which one would you look at first?

A. Blue


C. Red

2. Do you drool when you walk?


B. Maybe...

C. Of course not!

3. What's 1+1? (Note: remember that this quiz isn't serious! *hint* *hint*)

A. 1+1 what?

B. 2

C. 11

4. What's the opposite of up?

A. Down of course! What kind of idiot do you think I am!

B. Up...?

C. It depends on the way you look at it.

5. You're halfway there!

A. We're actually not halfway there, because since there are an even number of questions, there's no whole number halfway point.

B. Yay!

C. What does half mean?

6. The anagram TAC when rearranged, spells what?

A. Tac! Duh!

B. Cat

C. Act

7. Which of the following do not belong?: Dog, cheese, magic wand.



C. Uh... Magic wand?

8. What word has "kst" in the middle, in the beginning, and in the end?

A. kstkstkst

B. Inkstand

C. There's no word idiot!

9. How do you pronounce the word "tomato?"

A. Toe-may-toe

B. Toe-mah-toe

C. Tickle-my-toe

10. How long did it take you to finish this quiz?

A. 1 minute!

B. About an hour

C. In a blink of an eye

11. How was the test?

A. Too easy

B. It made my head explode!

C. This is an insult to my obvious superior intelligence

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