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Jul 14, 2002
Well, I think the title says everything.

I'm leaving tonight.

I spent wonderful time here. I had great fun and laugh.
Coming here and seeing you was like a good deep breath after stressing day.
I won't mention anyone in this post, cause I would spend hours and hours talking good things about so many of you. And you know all this already :)

And I also met people here, who became my good friends here and out of this forum, so I have particularly warm words to you, love you :heart:

I'm sure you would like to know reasons or some explanation: well, let me keep them for myself. It's a must right now.
And sorry, but no further replies in this thread :)

Have a good fun, support Juve and Gigi (I couldn't resist :angel:) as much as you can :D

I will miss you very much and I hope we will meet someday, somewhere, over the rainbow, where skies are blue,
and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true :)

I believe this is not the end of our common way, just some break, which is needed in this moment.

Goodbye and good luck :)

And Forza Juve! :strong::D

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Minimiliano Tristelli
Mar 6, 2003
You too???

what is happening here!!

Well, take care vit,,,and come back quikly!,, if you will come baavk some day!

.....what is happening.....


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Apr 24, 2003
i never really talked to you but i always saw you around... have a nice time and come soon!! im sure youll be missed


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Dec 13, 2002
I don't get it... you too???

Why is everyone leaving???
I'm sure you have your reasons...

Well... thank you for all the great chats we had. :)
Hope to see you again sometime... Have fun! :)

See ya... hopefully!


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Jul 17, 2002
:shocked: :eek: :sigh: :moan: :frown: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
I dont have any words to express my sadness at this moment.....


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Dec 13, 2002
This isn't gonna turn into some kind of trend is it???

Vit, I'll miss you very much...
It will be weird, when you're not around... and who's gonna discuss crazy movies like Mulholland Drive with me? :confused: :down:

I know I've already written, but I just wanted to wish you all the best in the future. :)



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Sep 8, 2002
i have no idea wats goin on am sure that i'll miss u so much

u've been a really good frnd of mine in here

am really shocked am out of words


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