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Aug 25, 2003
Who does everyone think will be moggis ''suprise'' signing?
I have ONE candidates in mind..
Viera , Why not?As we all know hes going for free next summer and moggi said something BIG whos bigger and more avaliable on the market than Viera???

I dont think emerson is the suprise cause we all know we will probably be signing him

Imagine Emerson and viera in central midfield:touched:

Whats everyones view on the player and how do you think he would settle into Italian football?

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Jul 18, 2004
its a nice idea but i doubt it will happen, if Viera goes newhere its gonna b real madrid as they have declared an interest and he seems like he would b interested in going there,

I think that we will not have a suprise signing, if we do have 1 tho i would hope that it would be Pablo Aimar, this may be realistic as Valencia boutgh Di Vaio off us for a low price which may mean tht we will get Aimar for a cheaper price, i dunno but i hope it is something like this


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Feb 13, 2004
there's a chance this story could have some truth, after all Juventus officals met with Arsenal (everyone thinking its about Camball), the only thing is that i dont think we'll get both Emerson & Viera. i think there could be an agreement with Real Madrid saying that they can have Emerson if we could have Viera.

its a long shot, but would be a big surprise.


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Jul 14, 2002
Getting both Emerson and Vieira would be overkill. We already have Tacchinardi, Blasi, Brighi, Appiah, and Maresca. Even if some of those players are subject to departure, how many DMs do Capello and Moggi think we need?


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Apr 22, 2003
Sorry, I'm gonna have to close this. Please guys, read the rules of the transfer thread before posting any new threads

++ [ originally posted by Martin ] ++
B) Name the source. It's quite unlikely that Moggi will inform you directly. If you find news about Juve-transfers or rumours name the page/ newspaper/ TV-broadcasting etc.
If you're gonna say "I like this player, let's get him", then it'd be best to post in the misc soccer section if anything
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