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Il Messiah

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Aug 21, 2004
a replacement to Di Vaio=Simone Inzaghi nonono

S.Inzaghi is not impact

Juve primavera dynamite duo

especially,Venjamin is not primavera level

he is scored 40 Goals 1 years primavera

EX> Inter"s martins

--------------DP or Micolli------------Trez(sub:Venjamin,paladino)

↑ great offese line

Buy on


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Jul 6, 2004
Can somone answere this questions for me.

In which legaue is Salernitana

Were both Benjamin and Palladino loadned there?

For how long were the loaned (a year, two years) ?

Are they in the first 11?

Have they scored a lot of goals yet?

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
welcome ehfvkfao :D.

and even if they weren't loaned to salernitana, it would be terrible deal if we gave two of our most promising youngsters to lazio in exchange for simone.


Alex Del Mexico
May 7, 2004
is he always offside like his brother? (im assuming theyre brothers since they look alike and have the same name)(and im talking about simone inzaghi)

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