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Feb 13, 2004
I always felt sorry for Phil, as he has never won a Major no matter how hard he tries. Well, he has one now ;)


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Nov 16, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Gogeta ] ++
Damm I wanted els to win but I suppose phil is a good enough champ
I've always wondered why people like Els, can you tell me?

I fyou ask me he is the most boring player the world has seen, even worse than Nick Faldo. He never takes any risks, not even a mistake. And worst of all he never ever shows any feelings. Hell would freeze over before he puts on a smile. Neither can he show if he is angry or disappointed. Just look at this year's masters. Instead of sitting in front of the teve with a beer watching Mickelson's finish he went to the putting green. And when the crowd cheered when Mickelson made that last putt, he just kept putting without showing any feelings.
Like someone said. "After seeing Ernie Els you can really understand how the white people in South Africa could be so cold-hearted. If they have a heart."

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