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Jan 31, 2004
Unlucky Nedved considers retirement
Friday 2 July, 2004 | Football Italia

Pavel Nedved will undergo tests on his knee injury next week and admits this Euro 2004 experience has left him considering retirement.

“I sprained my knee and therefore wouldn’t have been able to play the Final anyway,” sighed the midfielder after the Czech Republic crashed out in the semi’s.

A Silver Goal from Roma defender Traianos Dellas proved decisive as Greece go through to the Final, but the Czechs were clearly missing their captain after he limped off following an accidental clash.

“Perhaps it is a sign that I should stop playing,” mused Nedved. “From what I saw in this tournament, the correct Final would have been between Portugal and the Czech Republic.”

The Eastern Europeans became favourites for the trophy after winning all four of their matches leading up to that ill-fated semi-final.

It is another bitter blow for the Balon d’Or winner, who missed last year’s Champions’ League Final through suspension.

“This was my chance to win something and now I don’t know what I’ll do with my career. I only hope that in the next two seasons I’ll be able to play the Champions’ League Final with Juventus.”

32-year-old Nedved has suggested several times that he will retire when his contract expires in 2006.

The extent of his right knee injury is still not clear, but early indications suggest that it is merely a sprain. He will fly in to Turin for tests with the Juventus medical staff to ascertain if there is any ligament damage.


i feel very sorry about him. he hoped that he could win at least euro2004 but his team failed to make it to the finals. anyway, if czech rep. would have qualified for the final, he wouldn't have been able to play. what a bad luck :down:

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Jul 12, 2002
It's a shame but it seems that Pavel is more upset about getting hurt and his team losing then anything. His tune may change in the next few days/weeks/months.


Sep 23, 2003
I just wanted Neddy pissed and ready to exact revenge when Serie A play comes rolling around. ;)


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Jun 29, 2004
ofcours is he upset about his knee..... but he is 2 upset about hit team losing!!!!...... r u crazy!!!!?!?! but i hope he will get beter!!!!


omg!!!!!!!!!! :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared:



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Feb 21, 2004
The guy is 32... give him a break.

He wants to have more time to spend with his family.

Hopefully in the next two years his dreams regarding CL final will come true.
Jul 19, 2003
Plus, I heard in some sports show that he has been playing for a long time with his knee cap split in 3 different places, and that's why he runs in that strange manner. I can't imagine how he's even able to play......but I'm no doctor.

He should do what's best for him. He's done a lot for Juventus and The Czech Republic and I wish him the best in whatever he chooses.


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Jan 31, 2003
maybe he meant retire from the national team. i dont see him retiring from football altogether.

anyway, i think he is still important to the team, especially if jankulovski and rosicky do join us. he'll help them settle in and they all compliment each other nicely.


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Feb 21, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Adrian ] ++
maybe he meant retire from the national team. i dont see him retiring from football altogether.
That's what I think he meant. Earlier he said he wants to quit football alltogether in 2006. Isn't that when his contract with Juve expires?


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May 22, 2004
He once said that he would renew his contract in 2006 if his wife agreed with him.
Damnz the last time we won CL was in 1995/1996...
The CL MUST be back at Juventus, at least for one season :)
The Arif

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
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    ++ [ originally posted by Len ] ++
    Don't worry Nedved.....you'll win the CL with Juve this year, believe me.....;)

    i hope you have any relationship with nostradamus. :D

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