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Apr 24, 2003
I have some good and bad news

The Good ONes are that a United Player is dead :cool:
when I got a phone call with the news I was beeming with anticipation hoping it would be
Paul Scholes, Ruud or maybe even Roy Keane

now for the bad news it was only Jimmy Davis
:'( :down:

Its like getting all numbers right on the Lotto only to find out that 1000 other people also got them....

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Jun 9, 2003
08/09/2003. Manchester United youngster Jimmy Davis, 21, has been tragically killed in a car crash this morning.

The England U-20 international was travelling on the M40 to make his debut for Watford, who he had joined on a season-long loan.

The Hornets match with Coventry has been postponed following the news.

Davis, who had a spell on loan at Swindon Town last season, made one appearance for Manchester United, against Arsenal in the Worthington Cup.


And you are actually glad he's dead??? You sir are a ******* bastard.


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Apr 24, 2003
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    The only thing you can be certain of in life is death
    We will all experience it

    Its not such a big thing....

    Some sooner some later, I am just sorry it had to be Jimmy Davies....
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