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Mar 22, 2003
After the sad Champion League :down:.. I think we have to change our mood... ;)
I thought about a new game to let us be happy and forget the :yuck: miserable day

How about guessing our jobs...

Each member should choose at least five members to say their jobs even if they are still studying. The member should suppose that the members he/she is going to choose are working… You probably will write the member’s jobs from what you know about them, their likes and dislikes…and some of them by guessing only

I’m gonna start

Alex : engineer
Ally : airhostess
dj juve : painter
Elke : sales woman
Easy2Die : fisherman
juve lord : graphic designer
Majed : singer
Mermaid Sash : philosopher
Miss-Shj : housewife
Mona : news reporter
Paolo_Montero : scout

Hope all of you will like it…
Can’t wait to know the members jobs :LOL:

P.S: it is just a funny game so don’t take it seriously :angel:

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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
i knew that was coming :irritate: :D

so i have to simply guess the jobs of ppl?

Alex : perl programmer/geek ;)
Ally : fairy god
dj juve : next pele :stuckup: ;)
Eric : opera singer ;)
DaJuve : Safari tour guide ;) and
Zizou : bartender ;)
Majed : birthday clown/magician ;)
Lac: unemployed :p ;)
Greg: next big DJ and graphics designer :D
Tom: writer......for playboy ;)
Cool Girl, Mona(DWC) : gossipers ;)
Paranoia: paranoid Singapore President
Tamprop: skateboardist
Sivori: voice actor for Homer
Paul: Debater ;)
Febrina: housewife :)
Stuart Weekes: England International
Ian: mass murderer :D
Hydde: headbanger ;)
Loppan: programer
Persians: happy bunch :)


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Jul 25, 2001

Alex: Plumber ;):D
Tom: Bodyguard (the man tackles bottles, what do you expect? :D)
Nina: First female president of Slovenia
Majed: Burglar. He stole my signature!! ;)
DJ: Garbage man
Ally: Schizophrenic Cinderella. At midnight she turns back into herself but stays ever so kind!


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Mar 22, 2003
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    Part two

    Ahmed : Clerk
    nina : firewoman
    gigi’s twin : dressmaker
    lacrease : chauffeur
    juvelover : postman
    NeLLy : pharmacist
    Darin : journalist
    Erik : Barber
    Kinas : soldier
    Dubai Girl : architect
    dpforever : landlord
    hoshi : surgeon
    Febrina : farmer
    Nekton : Sailor
    A LAcki : Carpenter


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    Jul 12, 2002
    Alex: Sheriff... ;)
    nina: First Slovenian latin music singer...
    Hydde: song writer...
    Tom: Bodybuilder, or bodyguard (this one is alredy taken so...)
    Ian: Army general


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    Dec 13, 2002
    Alex: Referee (Moreno style)
    Eric: Priest
    DJ: President of Malaysia or a bus driver
    Tom: Writer... currently unemployed, but writing Derby County match programmes on fridays
    Majed: some sort of entertainer
    Ian: All-round European tourguide
    Ally: Mother Theresa II
    Hoshi: Steve Irwins heir

    BTW Cool thread!!! :thumb:


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    Jul 17, 2002
    Martin: The lonely company PC technician :geek:

    Vit: flight Attendant :LOL: :LOL: (as Sara mentioned)

    Deeej : a drunk and high version of Ace Ventura ;)

    Hayley: a punching bag :flirt: ;)

    Ian: Van Der Saar's Mom ;)

    Erik: a canned-beans salesman ;)

    yoli, gigi-twin, elke: the new-age PAPARAZZI :D

    Sara, Mona: gossipers (as Deej mentioned)

    Aisha, Darin: False Rumor spreaders (i dont look like Mustapha Amar :groan: ;) )

    Denco: the over-realistic analyst, like the pumbs who claim that the end of the world is comming soon and they think they have a true argument ;) (i know i'm gonna get attacked by this :D )

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