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Jan 3, 2003
we are in the final of this tournemant, so we must have a few promising youngsters in our owns. can anyone tell me who are the best players in our primavera??
from what i heard davide chiumiento is the absolut superstar of this team, followed by benjamin, palladino, bartolucci, konko and mirante.....

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Apr 22, 2003
The Primavera keep on winning and Benjamin's still scoring. What's this guy still doing playing for the youngsters? I hope he's in the senior squad sometime soon.


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Jul 14, 2002
Jus out of interest...

Many of you keep banging on about how good benjamin is, but who has actually watched him pla (for more than five mins).

Those that have can you please fill me in on how good he is and what makes him good.

Personally ive only seen a couple of primavera games so cant really have an opinion.

From what i read in the press, outside of his scoring benjamin isnt actually mentioned that much... more is said about chiumento and paladino.

anyway... any info much appreciated


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Jul 12, 2002
so the game ended 3-3 after 120 minutes... seems that the rules of the tournament says that if the final ends 3-3 they have to play again:eek:..
So, they will play again on wednesday... oh, and by the way, this Empoli kids are quite good...


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Feb 18, 2001
I would post a quite good description of the youngsters that was posted on Juve's mailing list, but there were troubles before with posting something from the mail list, so if you want the info send me a PM or post here that you want one and I'll copy-paste it for you :)

Currently it's 2-0 for Juve :cool:


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Nov 1, 2003
:thumb: forza primavera...!

my fren went to see the game, and he sed a few of our primavera were impressive. i forgot to ask whom tho...:embarass:


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Jul 30, 2003
hey... we will finally can see benjamin on a Juventus bench..:excited:

in fact Treze we will be ouut for a month so we can see him a lot on the bench... pity he isnt in the Cl list,...

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