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Dj Juve

Senior Member
Jul 12, 2002
ok, while waiting for the Prediction game to resume, i thought we play a little dumb game...

i'll ask a question and then the first person that answers correct or the person with the best answer gets a few points, say 3....the second closest to the right answer(questions maybe either 'one answer only question' or a 'closest answer wins') gets 1 pt..

it is obvious i havent put a gr8 deal of thinking into this ideal ;) but i never spend much time thinking about much ;))

i'll set a time limit, like say 10 questions in 3 minutes or something, depending on the dificutly :devil: ;)

please join :begging: :major-begging: please!!!!!

u wont regret :nasty: ;)


f(s+1)=3((s +1)-1=3s
Jul 12, 2002
that was kinda confusing, can't we make it easier, dumb it up.

can't someone just ask a question, and the person that answers it right can ask a new one?

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