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Jun 2, 2003
Juventus FC have paid a total of €21.5m to sign Marco Di Vaio, Mauro Camoranesi and Enzo Maresca on a permanent basis.

Mauro Camoranesi in UEFA Champions League action

Shared registration
The Italian champions previously shared the registration of the three players with other clubs; Di Vaio was on the books of Parma AC, while Camoranesi and Enzo Maresca were part owned by Hellas-Verona FC and Piacenza FC respectively.

Di Vaio deal
Italian international forward Di Vaio arrives in a €14m deal, with Parma receiving €4m this year, €5m in 2004/05 and €5m the season afterwards. The former S.S. Lazio, Verona, AS Bari and Salernitana Sport player came to Juventus on a temporary basis in a deal rated at €26m, including a swap for Matteo Brighi, last summer.

Prolific spell
Di Vaio, 26, scored four goals in Juventus's run to the UEFA Champions League final and seven more as the club clinched their 27th Serie A title. In his previous three seasons with Parma, who he joined in 1999, he scored 41 league goals, earning an international debut in February 2002 against the United States.

Camoranesi arrives
Argentina-born midfield player Camoranesi arrived at the Delle Alpi last summer but until today the two clubs shared his registration. Now, for a sum of around €4.5m, the Italian international has become a Juventus player outright.

Huge success
Camoranesi slotted in as a replacement for the injured Gianluca Zambrotta on the right and his superb performances forced coach Marcello Lippi to move Zambrotta to the opposite flank when he returned from his injury. He recently obtained Italian citizenship and has already won two international caps.

Maresca joins
Meanwhile, Juventus have paid €3m to similarly claim former Italian Under-21 international Maresca. Piacenza laid out €4m for the joint ownership of the midfield player a year ago, but the 23-year-old, despite some impressive performances, was unable to prevent his club's relegation from Serie A. He previously played 16 matches for Juventus in 2001/02 having also been with Bologna FC and England's West Bromwich Albion FC.

Vieri signed
Juventus have also bought full ownership of striker Massimiliano Vieri, brother of Internazionale FC's Christian, whose registration they also previously shared with Verona

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Jul 13, 2002
Do you think we will keep Massimiliano Vieri as our fifth striker or loan him out again.I am confused as from what i heard i think he is staying may be Juventus will try to turn him into the next Christian Vieri. :D

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
OK. Well from what can be seen Juve are impressed with Marco Di Vaio/ have long term plans for the man. Either that or they're stuck in a deal they can't get out of. Either way I dont know what to think of DV as of yet.

Camo I think was a good move. He did well with us and aside from some supposed wrangling about his wages, agent and all that he did well our European campaign as well as Serie A. He is also a bargain compared to his performances

Maresca- I think he's a good player but really I dont think its right to judge him yet. Him and Brighi have been placed side-by-side and compared often. One season Brighi is the man, the other Maresca and they just alternate.

I just hope he plays well enough at Juve. I think of him as someone to take Conte's place in the squad as he(Conte) will be spending less time with the squad considering his age and all that. Big up to Conte for his contribution for the team. Here's our unsung hero right here.

Anyways going back on topic- I think the only person in question would be DV as his performances have never really been on-par with expectations and certainly his track record at Parma- something we surely considered when acquiring his services for ourselves.

Max Vieri- he's been with us for a while yes although I dont know too much of how he's doing right now. I hope to hear something from someone who knows more about him than I do currently.


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Jan 31, 2003
max vieri joined about 3 seasons ago and has been on loan since. he is 25 years old, seriously doubt that he'll be anything.

but, who knows, if he is 5th striker, he might get his chance. when you play with great players, you learn a lot more and you can become something big. remember, Christian Vieri was bought from sampdoria i think, and he wasnt meant to be anything special, just a sub striker. and look now!

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