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Jul 12, 2002
Buffon leads Azzurri mutiny Thursday 22 August, 2002


Several Italy stars are beginning to lose patience with Coach Giovanni Trapattoni as his job is placed on the line.

The tactician held his position following the controversial 2002 World Cup exit to South Korea, but press and public pressure is growing on the veteran ahead of their opening Euro 2004 qualifier in Azerbaijan.

“I am optimistic as I saw the realisation that we cannot make a mistake from now on,” assured Trap. “We always pull through when it counts.”

There are suggestions he could be fired if the Azerbaijan match on September 7 is not a success.

“I am used to criticism after 30 years in this business. But as long as it is constructive and not pure spite I don’t mind.”

However, the Coach appears to be the only man in the Italy camp to maintain that the glass is half-full.

“I’m getting really worried now,” pointed out goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. “Yesterday’s 1-0 defeat to Slovenia was strange, very strange.”

“In other occasions we didn’t put in maximum effort or we were unfit. Not this time,” explained the Juventus man. “We now struggle to beat any old team.”

“Either we have taken a few steps back or the standard of world football has risen considerably in the last few years. But I certainly did not see any progress from the World Cup.”

The public criticism from his players comes just days after a spat with Christian Vieri, in which the hitman accused Trap of “inciting fear in the team” ahead of encounters with even meagre opposition.

Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has also added his voice to the growing mutiny within the Italy camp.

“We step onto the field with a ladylike attitude,” commented the former Glasgow Rangers star. “Yet our opponents go out there with the taste of blood in their mouths, ready for battle.”

“With all respect to South Korea and Slovenia, we cannot allow ourselves to be put under pressure by these teams.”

Gattuso also noted that the public image of the Azzurri in their home country is suffering with the current financial crisis.

“With all this coverage people are starting to hate us. It’s said that we play in the richest League in the world, that we earn easy money and drive posh cars. We must get back to basics.”

Even new boy Marco Di Vaio, controversially left at home during the 2002 tournament, was upset at the 1-0 friendly defeat to Slovenia.

“It didn’t go the way we had planned. Slovenia were more aggressive and determined from the starting whistle and it made everything so much more difficult.”

“But in any case,” added the Parma hitman, “it shouldn’t matter because Italy must be able to take these games by the scruff of the neck.”

Meanwhile, the aggression spread to the stands as play was stopped repeatedly for fireworks thrown at Buffon’s goal.

After the final whistle a riot broke out between different Slovenian supporters, said to be Olympia Lubjana and Maribor fans, and police made six arrests.

There was also damage to the Nereo Rocco Stadium and several cars parked outside the Trieste building.

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Jul 12, 2002
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    During the wc, after Italy lost to Croatia and south Korea, I called Trapatoni a football dinosaur and i was criticised for it by his followers, but now everyone can see what I have been saying all along, that football has passed Trapatoni by.

    Just like it had Zagalo in 1998, Trap does not understand that when you fail in a big tournament, you either resign gracefully or you will be sacked igonomousy.

    When he picked the squad For one was disgusted and i know Dpforever and some others agreed with me, what Italy lacked in the Wc was creativity, plain and simple in the midfield.

    I am not technical genius but i do know that Gatusso, Tomassi, and Dibiagio do not have a creative bone in their body.

    For goodness sakes its time for Brighi, Totti, Dp, Pirlo, Manfredini,Ambrossini,Morfeo, Giannicheda, Zanetti, Fiore, Locatelliand some other budding talents to take centre stage.

    The attack is okay with Montella, Vieri, Inzaghi, Dp backed up by Di Vaio, Maracone. Marrazina etc

    In the defence, I am sorry but its time to get rid of dead wood like Materazzi, Iuliano and Panucci. they bring nothing fresh or exciting to the table

    The likes of Oddo, Zauri should be given an extended run

    But most importantly an Italian with a NON-ITALIAN mentality should talke over, there is too much talent in Italy for them to alsorans because they have hopeless managers

    the phoenix

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    Aug 8, 2002
    I am in total agreement with the names that you have thrown that should take centre stage. These players are just waiting to explode. I have no clue as to why Panucci is there, I mean is there no one else that we can call upon? I can't wait for Trap to step down. Who the hell goes qualifies for the world cup using a 3-4-1-2 formation the whole way through and then at the start of the tournament use a completely different formation? Not very smart. I wish maldini retires soon, my long-term hope is to see Lippi or P. Maldini as coach. Italy has so much talent and skills, it is a shame that a coach does not know to utilize this pool of talent effectively and efficiently. One other thing I wonder why Trap picks the players he does, most notalbly panucci for the friendly and wc and di livio for the wc. Baggio is too old but Di Livio is not!!?


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    Jul 30, 2002
    ... he could be fired if the Azerbaijan match on September 7 is not a success.
    What if we win against Azerbaijan? Does that mean Trap will still be king again? No disrespect to Azerbaijan, but I think Italy can easily win this.



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    Feb 18, 2001
    ++ [ originally posted by denco ] ++
    Yes because they would never hire a non Italian
    And right so! I will never welcome a foreign coach on Azzurri's bench! They were the first who started with this beautiful game in Europe and they don't need someone from outside the country to tell them how to play it. So they are in crisis, they'll get over it.

    And Trap has to go. I'm not sure who should be the next man in charge. I would like to see Del Neri, but he has little experience and Italy has to qualify for Euro04 no matter what, so it would be kind of risky. Plus Del Neri is rather occupied at the moment. Maybe in the future.

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