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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
Well, last night, our £32 million pound goalkeeper cost us a point. £32 million pounds and he can't even collect a cross. As a shotstopper, he is fantastic, and those great saves last night proved, but what good is this when he can't even gather a cross, or hold a weak cross-shot? And this wasn't all. Pavel Nedved, who cost us £25 million, misses an open goal. And not just that, he was not even close, hooking it well wide, and apart from this glaring miss, was completely ineffective throughout the entire match.

So I thought, what a waste of £55 million. Did spending that money actually get us anywhere? Last year, I thought 'yes' because we had won lo scudetto. But the performance against Newcastle, again reminded me that nothing had changed. In fact our most creative player was probably Camoranesi, bought for a fraction of this huge sum. Di Vaio, also a major purchase, involving both cash, and the loaning out of probably our most talented young player, matteo Brighi.

So our transfer policy basically, its not working. What of these youngsters, those that sit continually on the fringes of the team, then are loaned out and forgotten. There are so many! Why not, instead of buying Nedved, have gone for a younger option, and there are plenty around. Instead of Di Vaio, why not try one of our younger players, and keep brighi at the club. Sculli, Miccoli, Pericard, Guzman, Zalayeta, they are all waiting, surely there is room for some of them.

Looking around all of Europe's sucessful teams, they all have players brought in, that are young, and talented. They are not afraid to spend £10 million on a talented young foreigner, whereas we take the apparently 'safe' option, and spend more than double on an ageing left winger who has forgotten his position.

Look at Valencia, with Vicente, Aimar
Milan, with Pirlo now in the side
Real, with the now experienced Helguera, Pavon, Casillas

And look at us, what players have we brought through recently? None is the answer, or one if you look at Moretti, and this only because it was forced, due to injury.

My point, surely its about time we got some players that actually want to play for this club. Players that will put in 100% into every tackle, work tirelessly to win the ball back, and above all, work as a team, to get this club back amongst the European elite, where it thinks it still belongs.

So our transfer policy has got to change. How come Inter and Milan can get Nesta and Cannavaro so cheap, yet we are ripped off into spending £32 million on a keeper who cannot catch the ball! Moggi has got some serious thinking to do!!

Buy on


Senior Member
Sep 21, 2002
mistakes can happen- the question is if he does'nt catch the ball from a cross all the time, every keeper do mistakes sometimes!!!

about nedved- we lucky to have him on our side- his miss last night after newcastle GK mistake was because a newcastle player that disturbed him.

you right we need those youngster- and we should bring the most promising!! but thats not mean nedved and buffon, aren't good enough!!

casillas- IMO buffon better
helguera- we have much better than him on defence
pavon- please!!!! don't even talk about hm as a worth player.

the problem is our CL away matches. to you it may seem as just a poor performance last night, but is continue constantly since 1997- away win in kiev. since then allways a draw or lose away. we almost break it against feyenoord but....
so this is the problem, the real problem!! arsenal had it too but they won PSV and auxerre away so we know we can solve the problem and we got to do it fast!!!


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
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    And in fact, it DOES happen all the time, Buffon IS weak from crosses, its a fact! is he better than Casillas, in the past i would have said yes, without a doubt, but is he really that much better, if at all?

    taking into account the respective prices we paid for them, Buffon, best shot stopper in the world probably, but weak on crosses. Casillas doesn't seam as dodgy on crosses to me, and although not such a superbt shotstopper, still a very good one, ashis performance in last season's CL final proved.

    cost..casilas...£0, Buffon £32million

    hmmm..lets see, and we even dare to criticise Real's transfer policy??

    About Nedved, I think that is a pretty weak excuse you have given for him, there. Put off by a defender, pah! So what? the defender hardly did anything, and it still remains as a fact, there was an OPEN GOAL and he missed!

    I didn't say they weren't good enough, what I am saying is that for the price we paid, we could and should have a lot more for our money.

    For example, Jerzy Dudek, how much did he cost Liverpool? When we got Buffon, we could have got him instead. And instead of Nedved, we should have been more aware, and purchased Aimar, or Riquelme. Cheaper, younger, more skillfull options IMO.

    Or perhaps, even kept the money, and given the youngsters a chance, ones that continually impress on loan, but don't get even one first team opportunity!


    New Member
    Jul 30, 2002
    it is obvious that our transfer policy doesn't work, we paid too much for Nedved, who btw is old, and Buffon. And a club that wins the scudetto, why we didn't get nobody? big clubs do that...And besides why we loan again brighi?


    The DJ
    Oct 30, 2001
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    All good questions miriam. And they need answering, fast! :fero::D


    The DJ
    Oct 30, 2001
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    ++ [ originally posted by ErikP ] ++
    One bad match and our transfer policy isn't working?? C'mon now!!
    not just one bad match, we were poor against newcastle twice, and drawing with Como and parma at home (luckily might I add) hardly is awe inspiring is it?

    Its not about the matches, is it not obvious our transfer policy is ridiculous?

    surely somewhere in all our youth teams there has got to be a potential future star...these guys are not gonna reach their potential unless we give them a go!

    It seems with brighi we will probably loan him out until he's about 30..only then maybe he will play!


    Senior Member
    Oct 6, 2002
    the answer to the problem is creativity. and im sure moggie will solve it by january through buying a creative midfielder. d'allesandro? maybe. that way, we will have a good midfield compared to the one we have now with no creativity and one which cant keep the ball. tudor will then play where he should play, in defense. then our defence will be good and birindelli will never wear a juve shirt again, hopefully.

    so the problem of big buys not to by another [big?] buy


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    Jul 13, 2002
    i must agree that our transfer policy sucks ,, look at moggi he buys , sells and sends to loan without taking permetion of the manager !!! remember when we took di vaio he was making ajoke with lippi telling him that we bought magellanes !!! sending maresca and brighi to loan is tottally crap !!

    sorry guys Moggi Failed

    the manager must buy the players


    Senior Member
    Feb 18, 2001
    Gigi has been kind of shaky lately, not only for juve, but also for the national team. IMO he's just going through a bad period, that will hopfully pass as soon as it came :) He's still one of the best!

    We lost and all of a sudden we lack this and that and we payed for this player and some other too much? :rolleyes: The result, by far, wasn't the mirror of the game. We actually played OK, not as great as we can and we showed last weekend, but it was not a sucky performance. It definitely wasn't one of the games that would let us judge everything by it!


    Junior Member
    Jul 12, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++
    Pavel Nedved, who cost us £25 million, misses an open goal. And not just that, he was not even close, hooking it well wide, and apart from this glaring miss, was completely ineffective throughout the entire match.
    :eek:and what about last year goal to piacenza in 89 minute that gave us scudetto??????????

    and lisening you talking in here against Moggi! that man knows about italian soccer and juve more than all you togather!!

    and even comparing casillas to buffon is so :LOL::LOL::LOL:

    when we this years win scudetto there will be "BUFFON is THE BEST" "NEDVED RULES"

    question for Paolo_Montero why didnt go to newcastle to support juve becuse for you it was 1 year chance:confused:?


    The DJ
    Oct 30, 2001
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    the fact that nobody had any money to go with me :rolleyes:

    and about that goal? so what! If we had Aimar last season, whats to say we wouldn't have won the scudetto by more? Maybe he would have scored in the drab 0-0 with Inter? maybe he would have made the breakthrough at home to lazio, and the Turin Derby's?

    why is it so hilarious to compare? I don't get it, do you really think Buffon is so much better than all the keepers?

    and you really think we can win lo scudetto? I think only if we are extremely lucky can we win it..

    But we have already won the scudetto with this team, the next step is Europe..this is more important now!


    Senior Member
    Jul 12, 2002
    Nedved Old? Not young yes, still great for his age.

    Come, we play a few bad matches and all of a sudden you are on Nedved's case.

    Well then I will jump on Figo, Zizou and Ronaldo's case for Real's lost this weekend and draw on Tuesday?

    Nedved played well in the start of the season. He just didn't have a good game yesterday. Can't blame him all of a sudden.

    Sometimes I wish he was still at Lazio though. He was a true player there.

    Buffon, okay he's one of the best. But the price wouldn't pay off in the future. Juve will make a loss with that deal IMO.


    Junior Member
    Jul 12, 2002
    I think that all this talk about our transfer policy being rubbish is a bit premature. It is just the start of the season and there is still a long way to go.

    We are still top of our group in the CL and 5th in Serie A 4 points behind the leaders.

    Yes we have had a couple of bad results lately, this is not the time to critisize, it's time to get behind our team and support them.


    The DJ
    Oct 30, 2001
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    I think everyone is getting the wrong end of the stick here. I'm not saying the policy is rubbish just because we lost to newcastle. That match merely highlighted the problems that i already thought existed!

    Layce Erayce

    Senior Member
    Aug 11, 2002
    well, hmm.... it was us who asked for all our players. we asked to sell inzaghi, we asked to buy a left-winger like nedved, we asked for thuram,

    and we asked for a replacement for van der sar. we are so fickle.


    Superior Being
    Jul 12, 2002
    Tom, if only you saw my thread on whether Juve are narrow minded, then you will know that I feel our transfer policy whether it brings 10 lucky scudettoes in the future is still wrong imo

    We always go for the nondescript Italian or the known and trusted foreigner who was good in another SerieA side

    What is the point of having a youth setup , if you continue to loan them out?

    When a Roman, or a D';allessandro or any promising south American is required, they go for Baiocco or Nedved or Fresi

    There was a thread here asking if this squad was better than last year's , like there is a difference between both squads

    Buffon is a gr8 goal keeper but if you spend £32m on a goalie, you expect him not to fumble every time a cross comes near him

    Whenever anyone questions Juve's squad, the first thing I read is Real Madrid's players, please stop comparing both squads as far as quality is concerned they are poles apart, it is just up to us to play to our optimum as it is clear we do not have the squad who can coast to win matches as the quality is not there

    Now if anyone was impressed with our performance against Newcastle, then power to u as u r easily pleased imo

    Its amazing Italy play exactly the same way as Juve and they are slaughtered and its acceptable for Juve to put in the same kinda displays

    Far be it for me to blame Nedved after one game or over praise after 1 game as well but overall for his cost and his age, he is not a good buy as he has unbalanced the team, we never spectacular, but at least we were organised, now we are neither and thats because we have no playmaker so that Nedved can play on the left as his passes, the weight of his passes as a playmaker is just awful

    Just for curiosity sakes exactly what has the likes of Fresi, Baiocco offered this team

    Drawing at home to Como and {Parma is not good as these are Lippi's bread and butter victories, or do you see us going to Rome to win or to defeat both Milanese clubs

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