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Jun 14, 2004
Totti: We'll Have More Fun Winning Against Juve Now
8/1/2004 12:04:00 PM
Francesco Totti replied to Emerson from the Untied states last evening and he didn't have words of friendship for his former team mate that played with him for four years.
"The thing about money shows you what kind of man he is and it’s there to be seen," the Roma captain said. "He can say what he wants because I really don’t care he is insignificant to me".

"I don’t want to hear him speaking badly of Roma though because he has no right to do so," he added. "Now he is part of the past and we’ll have more fun winning against Juve knowing that he’s going to lose".


Who does he think he is? He should first think how stupid he is then insult other players. Maybe Emerson left because of him. We are going to have more fun after juve beats roma this year.

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