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Jul 14, 2002
Could it happen? Capello is the new Juve boss and Totti has made it clear that he doesn't want to play for a Roma side that can't challenge for major titles, and without Capello, Samuel and Emerson it seems increasingly likely that this team is heading for a rough patch. Is Totti going to be the next big-name player to part with the Stadio Olimpico? And could Turin be his destination with Pavel Nedved shown the door? Even though it's highly unlikely, I'd be all for it as Totti is now enjoying his prime and Nedved's is over.


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Jun 14, 2003
Totti won't go to Juve, despite Capello being there. No way.

Capello, we'll have Emerson and Mexes please! Just to p*ss Sensi off even more!


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Mar 17, 2004
No it will never happen, because if Totti goes to Juve Sensi might die at the hand of the Roman supporters. Seriously, no joke.

I even see hard to see Emerson at Juve to be honest. Despite that Capello will train Juventus I don't think Roma will get more humiliated giving another top player to Juventus. Unless they are really bankrupt and in desperate need of cash...


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Jun 14, 2003
If Emerson wants only Juve then Roma don't have much choice. Getting rid of him to Juve is bad (in the eyes of Roma), but keeping him for another season and then Juve getting him for free is even worse!

I thought Roma might now refuse to sell Emerson to Juve, but at the end of the day, if he has made his mind up then they have no other option.


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Dec 23, 2002
NEVER EVER! He said its either Real or Roma, and I think Totti will join Real. Also, we don't have soooooo much money for Totti!

AND..............Nedved has to stay


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Aug 21, 2003
we wont have totti thats for sure. totti is moving to madrid. as to emerson i guess if emerson is ready to join juve, sensi has to sell him, otherwise he will lose money +player 'cos next year he will be free.

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