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Jul 12, 2002
So how many total have/will Juventus play this season...

Champions League 1st round: 6
Champions League 2nd round: 6
Champions League Knockout phase: 4
Total: 16

Serie A: 34
Coppa Italia: 4
Super Cup: 1
Pre Season friendlies: 10(I think)
Other friendlies: 2
Total: 51

67 total in 9 months, an average of over 7 a month. Add an extra match if they advance to the UCL finals.

Plus the players who play in internationals.

And then people wonder why all the star players were dead tired and injured before last years World Cup.

And, just for fun, a comparison with Manchester United...

Total Champions League: 18
Total EPL: 38
FA Cup: 2
Worthington Cup: 5
Pre Season friendlies: 8

71 total. They're almost at 8 per month.

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